Monday, July 6, 2015

Pod Bling.....

Happy Monday everyone!  It's Pod here today with one more blog post.  

Today has been a busy day around here for sure.  Mrs. T took her dad over to Charlotte for a doctor's appointment.  Mr. R spend all morning, cleaning and putting away camping gear, then cleaning me real good inside and out, letting my r-dome finish drying, then he cleaned Truck inside and out too.  He also took care of a few maintenance items on both Truck and myself too.

Whew, what a day.  But I got to tell everyone I did get some new Pod Bling today too!  Back at the ERU it seems that moosepod had gotten a brand new keyless entry (with remote) lock for the people door.  I think Mr. R was really impressed by the new lock, but missed the sale.  Thanks to moosepod's person Mr. Travis, the sale got extended and last week at the beach, Mr. R ordered me one of my very own.

Now back at the Goshen F.R.O.G Rally in August 2013, I had a Baurer NE keyless entry installed.  It was worked well, but lots of people did have problems with them.  Mr. R said he was impressed by how smooth working, and solid feeling the new lock feels.

Here's a picture of the new lock and the extra remote that was shipped with it also.  Not only that, all the batteries were included also.  

Here's a picture of the first keyless entry lock I had installed......

Here you can see my people door with no lock at all, just a big old hole in it.

And finally here's my new lock installed.  It only took Mr. R to make the swap, and just a few minutes more to program both the lock and the remotes. 

Thanks to moosepod's Mr. T, and the good folks at RVLock I have some brand new Pod Bling today!!

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

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