Friday, July 3, 2015

A Day for a Drive.....

Happy Friday evening everyone.  Today was the start of Summer Beach Blast Part II.  If you recall, part one was this past week at Huntington Beach State Park.  

Part II is this weekend in Charleston.  The plan is to hang out at the campground some, then have a cookout over at Trisha's sister's home here in town tomorrow evening.

Part III was to leave here Sunday and travel on down to coast to Edisto Beach State Park where we had a beach front site.  We did have to cancel this part of the trip due to medical tests and such.  But we've had a great time so far.  

We've had such a great time, we reserved Spring Break 2016 and July Beach Blast 2016 this past week.  

We pulled out of HBSP about 9:30 this morning, went to Prosser's BBQ for the breakfast buffet, then headed south down HWY 17 through Litchfield, Pawley's Island, Georgetown, and the Francis Marion National Forest for the 80 or so mile drive to James Island County Park.  Nikon got left in the camper this morning, so we didn't take too many pictures along the way.  To be quite honest with you, there wasn't too much to take a picture of.  That is until this.....

This is the view from the windshield of Truck as we started over the Cooper River Bridge today.  Kind of scary isn't it?

We arrived at the campground about 12:30 and since the temperature and the humidity were equal numbers "87" it didn't take us long to get all set up and inside for a nap.  We woke to a storm brewing which had all the ingredients of a good storm, wind, rain, lightening, and thunder.  

Here you can see our camp for the next two days.  Not quite as much as at the beach, but it will work just fine for us.

Now we're going to stop right here for a bit.  You see, in 10 minutes the $2 ice cream social starts, and it is almost ice cream thirty.......

Yes it was ice cream, and yes, it was yummy!  Trisha opted for the vanilla with chocolate syrup topped with sprinkles, while Rob went for chocolate with chocolate syrup topped with lots of sprinkles.  

After ice cream, we walked around the park, looking at campers and just enjoying the evening.  This is a great campground and a great location for visiting the Charleston area.

That view is typical of the entire campground.  Now for tomorrow.  

We're not sure what the agenda is for tomorrow morning.  We are sure to find something to do, even if it is to just explore this park some.  We may even take Jackson over to the dog park to see how he does.  

Thanks for checking by today to see what we've been about.  Be sure to check by tomorrow night late to read all about our day's activities.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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