Tuesday, July 21, 2015

On the Prowl on a Tuesday......

Happy Tuesday evening everyone!!  It's been a great day here in the mountains of Ashe County North Carolina.  The day dawned cloudy, there were a few drizzles of rain along the way, and even one downpour.  Wet stuff from the sky aside, the day was a great success for many reasons.

This was a view that greeted Rob and Jackson on their morning walk.

We actually slept in until nearly 7:30 this morning.  Rob has been suffering from some allergies, Trisha and Jackson just didn't want to get out of bed.  After breakfast, a bit of just enjoying the morning, we were dressed and loaded in Truck for our day's adventures.  

Of course we had Cousin Sharon along for the fun.  Our mission for the day was to check out the local junk/antique malls for some cast iron pieces for our collections.  Rob specifically wanted a round cast iron griddle and Cousin Sharon wanted whatever she could find that caught her eye.

Our first stop was Midtown Antique Mall and right next door the Simple Life Antiques and More.  

Both Sharon and Rob scored some cast iron pieces.  Sharon's was a cornbread stick pan and Rob scored his round cast iron griddle.

Then it was off to Mountain Outfitters in downtown West Jefferson to look for tee-shirts and stickers.

By now, all the junk hunting and the fact it was noon, had our stomachs telling us it was time for some lunch.  So we walked down the street to Boondocks Tap Room and Restaurant where,  "Well behaved dogs are welcomed to sit with well behaved owners on our deck."

Rob had the Cuban Sandwich with Onion Rings, Trisha had the some sort of Chicken Sandwich.  Both of which were delicious.  And Jackson was extremely well behaved to boot!!

Then we stopped at yet another junk/antique mall to see what else we might find.  Sharon scored another cornbread stick pan.

At this particular antique place, there was quite of bit of new stuff made to look like it was old, along side the old stuff.  Most of it with hefty prices.  Rob did spy this Eastern Airlines carry-on bag that he really wanted but was afraid to even look at the price.  

After all this junking fun, we stopped by Ingles for a few groceries, and to get fuel for Truck, then it was back to the campground.  Here you can see the cast iron Sharon and Rob found to add to their collections.

Then we followed that longstanding camping tradition of an afternoon nap, while Cousin Sharon hung out over at Splash. 

The main event of the day was going to be supper.  Sharon was going to fix a chocolate cake in her 12" CDO and then Sharon and Rob were going to fix pizzas in their CDOs.  

The cake went off without a hitch, and was out-of-this world delicious.  

Then it onto the pizzas.  Sharon fixed her's in her 12" CDO while Rob fixed one in his 10" CDO and Sharon's 8" CDO.  

They smelled just wonderful, and tasted every bit as good as their smell.  

Man-oh-man, these pizzas were way beyond yummy.  It was a learning experience for both Sharon and Rob.  The main things they learned were:

 1.  A bit less heat was needed for the bottom of the CDO.

2.  You really, really should leave the whop pizza crust in the fridge until your ready to use it!

Now Cousin Sharon is ready for her pizza cook down on the October Coastal Caravan she'll be hosting, and Rob is ready to earn his CDO Pizza Achievement Badge. 

Well that's about it for the day.  Thanks for stopping by yet again to read all about it.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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