Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life is Great, on Route 88......

Happy Saturday evening all!!  It's Pod here, back with my final Raccoon Holler Post for this camping trip.  It's been a wonderful day here, and as always I have a story to tell.   

This morning, after breakfast, showers, etc., Rob and Trisha started taking down camp.  Not completely, but just some of the camping gear.  Then Cousin Sharon came over from her campsite, and after a bit of chat, the question was raised about the plan for the day.  

Rob suggested the gang load up in Levi, take the remaining picnic supplies, and head over to Jefferson, NC.  Once there, take NC Route 88 and follow it through the back country of Ashe County and work our way over to Elk Knob State Park for lunch, then drive back through the communities of Meat Camp, Todd, Sutherland, Warrensville, and Clifton.  Rob told me the drive was grand, with beautiful mountain views, and the picnic was great too. 

Then was back to The Holler by mid-afternoon.  After walking Jackson, and unloading the chairs, etc. from Levi, Trisha and Rob finished putting things away, taking down The Clam, and generally getting everything ready to leave tomorrow.  Rob spent some time draining and filling, and draining my black tank to make sure it was rinsed out really well.  

Here's a few pictures from our day.  Rob was busy driving most of the time, so he didn't get to take too many pictures.  You'll have to check out Cousin Sharon's blog, cause Rob told me she took a bunch!!

This evening's supper was left overs from last night's BBQ feast.  It was still mighty tasty.  Then just relaxing in the cool mountain evening.   Rob said he may take my awing down before dark, leaving very little to do tomorrow to get ready.   As always thanks for stopping by today to hear about our adventures. 

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod

Friday, July 29, 2016

Load em Up and Head em Out......

Happy Friday evening all.  It's Pod here this evening to let everyone know about yet another fine camping day!!

The weather that came through last evening (rain showers) seems to have chased away the humidity and the warmth that even the mountains were feeling.  It was a crisp, clear, beautiful mountain morning.  

It was a normal morning with doggie walks, showers, breakfasts, and just hanging out enjoying the morning.  Before long though, a plan was hatched and then next thing you know, everyone was loaded into Levi ready to set off on the day's adventure.

The plan was to travel south on the Parkway until a nice picnic spot was found, then picnic!!

After about an hour or so of driving, stopping to take pictures, waiting in line at the road construction site, etc., we found the perfect spot and the picnic commenced!!

Afterwards we rode through the Price Campground on the BRP.  This is a NFS campground, looking like it could use some TLC.  

Then the gang all rode back to The Holler for afternoon, and started picture uploading, naps, doggie walks, etc.   Here are a few more pictures from along the Parkway for you....

Well I need to wrap this up for the day.  Cousin Sharon's back with supper and I'm just betting it will be something special.  Plus, I know Rob's going to be wanting his computer back soon.  So, as always....

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Happy at The Holler.....

Hi there all.  It's Pod back with a short little blog post tonight.  Seems the whole gang is an agreement that we're just "Happy at The Holler."

The morning started like usual, except Cousin Sharon and the pups slept in late.  Then it was a hearty breakfast, and getting ready for the day.   

Next a plan was hatched to go look at three NFS campgrounds in the Jefferson National Forest just over the Virginia State Line.  The campgrounds explored were Raccoon Branch, Hurricane, and Grindstone Campgrounds.  

Now I've camped at Raccoon Branch and Grindstone Campgrounds in the past, but Cousin Sharon had never seen any of them.  They also stopped at the Ranger Headquarters/Visitor's Center.  The dogs were walked, watered, comfort stops were made, and don't you know, Rob even bought a couple of stickers.

Then they all returned back to the campground for an afternoon of relaxing, surfing the internet, and a nap or two.  Sort of between rain showers, Rob grilled hamburgers for supper as the day slowly wound down for all of us.  

Not much else to report today, but here are just a few pictures.  Seems Rob didn't take to many pictures today....

Well I think I'm going to get off of here and see if I can get everyone to get settled down for an early night.  Thanks as always for stopping by today.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Lunch at the Intersection of Here and There......

Happy Wednesday evening all.  It's Pod and I'm back blogging today.  It's been a really great day here in the High Country of North Carolina.  

The day started early as usual when Jackson woke Rob up for his morning walk.  Then before you know it, breakfast was cooking.  The menu was simple, fried square sausage and orange-iced cinnamon rolls baked in my convection oven. 

The gang spent most of the morning just hanging out in The Clam and being sorta, kinda, lazy.  Late morning, Trisha suggested a ride over to West Jefferson to Mountain Outfitters for a t-shirt and sticker fix then to ride up the Parkway for a real honest-to-goodness picnic.

Let me tell you, it only took about 10 minutes for everyone to get moving, supplies gathered, and they were off.  

Levi told me that indeed, t-shirts and stickers were bought, and before long the gang was riding along the Parkway.  Even with several stops for pictures along the way, it wasn't long until they pulled over for a grand picnic.

Levi told me that Rob stopped at a little place he knew of in Doughton Park (his favorite part of the Blue Ridge Parkway).   Levi told me it was at the intersection of Here and There.  Now that's gotta be an interesting place.  When he told me Rob took a picture with his iPhone, I had to snag it to show you.

To be honest with you, I snagged a few from his other camera too that I really like and want to show you....

The afternoon was spent being lazy (read naps) and just enjoing the cool mountain air.  Since this is Wednesday, the supper menu was left overs from the last two nights.  

All-in-all I'm happy to report this was a great day camping in the mountains and there's even sort of a plan for tomorrow.  But, that's another blog post for another day (tomorrow).

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We Are Stardust, We Are Golden.....

Happy evening everyone.  It's Rob blogging tonight.  Pod's been doing a great job (well except for that sticker blog) and will be back tomorrow night I'm sure.  Thing is, I wanted to blog this evening.  

After a great breakfast this morning, thanks to Cousin Sharon's wonderful cheese grits, and our left over breakfast casserole, we were soon loaded in Levi and were off in search of adventure.

In fact, Sharon and I were so excited to be going, that we got the doggies, and ourselves in Levi only to realize there was no Trisha.  I checked in the camper to find her still taking her shower.  So adventure waited a bit, but we were soon off.  

Now the only plan was to ride over and check out Twin Rivers Family Campground in Crumpler, NC.  The campground is only about ten miles as the crow flies, but around these parts, the crows don't fly very straight.  So the ride was more like 20 miles.

The drive included about a mile on the Parkway, gravel one and two lane roads, and paved back roads.  We got to see some awesome views of this area of the mountains.  

Soon, way down another gravel road, we were at our destination.  Only to find out the campground was booked full (beyond normal capacity) for the week.  Seems there was a Bus Rally and they had asked that drive throughs not be allowed to keep down the dust.  When we asked (very innocently I might add) if they were old school buses, the lady in charge of the campground told us they were in fact VW buses.  

We told the very nice lady we understood and that we'd drop back by on our next visit to the area.  I'm guessing that when she saw Sharon's and my reaction to the fact the buses were VWs, she offered to let us use a Gator type vehicle to go sight see.  We jumped at the chance and soon the three of us, an awesome young lady driver/guide, and the three doggies were off on an adventure of grand proportions.  

We saw VW buses of all types, colors, (even a 4x4 model that I think was a really nice homemade affair), tents, people playing in the river, tie dye, peace signs, banners, flags, Grateful Dead stickers, dogs, coolers, fires, and just a grand time being had by all. 

Of course, right through the middle of it came us on the Gator full bore tilt, with our dogs, cameras, and having a blast.   Oh and thanks to Crosby, Stills, and Nash for the blog title tonight.  It seemed to me like we were in our very own tiny Woodstock, but with kids too!!

So enough said, how about a few pictures......

In the picture below do you see the large blue banner in the center? Well you'll have to read about it over on Cousin Sharon's Splash T@B Stories blog....

As we all went bouncing along in the Gator, Sharon and I were excited, talking, taking pictures, pointing, waving, meanwhile Trisha was holding onto Jackson and Gracie and the Gator for dear life.  

Oh, and yeah, I even got a sticker too!!  Just too cool......

The rest of our day included Sharon and Trisha making a grocery store run while I stayed back and watched the doggies, naps, computer time, being lazy, and then Sharon fixing a wonderful shrimp dinner in the Camp Dutch Oven.  She was so hot after cooking, I suggested we load up in Levi for an evening Parkway ride.  She agreed but only on two conditions: she got to ride in the front seat, and the A/C was turned on full blast!!

We had a great ride, it's a nice cool evening, and I'm soon off to bed.  Thanks for checking by today.  I have no idea what tomorrow may bring, but just drop by and you can find out. 

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Rob