Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Great Time of Day......

Happy Saturday evening everyone!  It's Pod here this eveing with two blog posts in one day, oh wow!!  (I'll tell you a secret, the first one for this morning was written about a week ago and just scheduled to post this morning after we had left.)

We left my pod-port about 7:00 am this morning and arrived at our campground about 2:30 this afternoon.  Our drive was good, not a lot of traffic except around Raleigh.  We drove a total of 386 miles to get here.   

I just have to tell you about a fun stop we made today.  Seems that we needed to stop along about Washington, NC for fuel and a comfort stop for the Mr. and Mrs.   Well Rob barely had time to get gas pumped before people were lining up to see my insides!!  Isn't that a hoot.

Anyways, we got here just fine, set up camp in 95 degree heat but a nice stiff breeze.  After hanging out inside of me for a bit to cool off, the Mr. and Mrs. went to the local seafood market to get something fixed for an early supper.  After eating, they hit the pool for an hour or so, and now they are sitting outside in the nice evening.  The temps have cooled nicely and the breeze is just perfect.  Rob hasn't taken many pictures today, but he did take one of the sunset behind the campground.   

Thanks for checking by today, I'm sure there are some fun things planned for tomorrow so......

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod (for all the gang)

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