Sunday, July 10, 2016

Levi's Big Day and Welcome to Rod....

Happy Sunday evening all!!  It's Pod here with today's report from the Outer Banks.  Seems it was a great day for everyone, especially Levi.  It was a really great day for him.  So pull up a chair and let me tell you all about it.

Our day started early as usual.  Jackson had Rob up about 6:30 for his morning walk.  Once they were back at the campsite, Jackson went back to bed with Trisha and Rob just sat outside enjoying the morning.  Quite a few campers left today, and not many have returned to replace them.  In fact the campground is only about a third full.  

After breakfast of orange iced cinnamon rolls, showers, etc.  Everyone loaded up in Levi to check out the area, go to the Red Drum Bait and Tackle shop and then check out the beach.  Well Levi told me that the day's plan got turned upside down.  Rob drove to ramp 55 to check it out.  Just they got there, a park ranger drove out and told them the area was open and to have fun.  So Rob aired down Levi's tires for better traction, switch in the four wheel drive and off they gang was for a day at the beach.  

When they got there, they weren't many people on the beach, but by the time the left, the beach was pretty crowed.  

Levi told me he was sure excited to get to drive on the beach using his four wheel drive, but he also told me that Rob didn't switch off the traction control so the ride out was really interesting.  But not to worry, Rob figured it all out and the drive back in was great.  

They all left to come back to the campsite about two.  Jackson was getting tired and was being fussy.  I think he was missing me!!

While he rested, Trisha and Rob showered again, got dressed and set out once again for the Red Drum Bait and Tackle shop.  When the got there, Rob bought a t-shirt and hat, and looked around really good.  

They left there to go to the Quarterdeck Seafood Restaurant for an early supper.  They were both hungry because they'd not eaten since breakfast.   Trisha had the flounder stuffed with crab and Rob had the fried shrimp.  Levi told me they just went on and on about how good it was.  

Levi told me then, they pulled a surprise.  They went back to the Red Drum Bait and Tackle where Rob bought Levi his very own hitch mount rod holder platform.  

Seem's Rob has always wanted one, and after a quick discussion, it was decided that today was the day!!

Now what they got is called a Surf-Mate Jr., but you know before they got back here to the campground, they had named him Rod.  

I think that's a great name, and I'm glad Rod is part of our little team!!

Rod looks great on the front of Levi, and I'm sure we're gonna enjoy having Rod around.  

Well that's about it for today.  It's been a beautiful evening here. Trisha and Rob have enjoyed a little time in the pool and now are sitting outside enjoying the cool evening breeze.  Thanks for stopping by today and as always.....

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod, Levi, and Rod

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