Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pod & Truck Are Getting Ready......

Hey guys!  It's Pod & Truck here today.  We're doing a joint blog posting for Rob.  We are both excited, because after an ice storm on Friday morning, we've had two beautiful warm sunny days in a row!  Not to mention our people set their clocks forward one hour which always means a camping trip is not too far in the future.  

We're both getting ready for the new camping season.  Trips are planned and there are some trips we'll make this season no one has even thought about yet.  Truck was the first to get something new, that being new tires this past week.

Truck was incredibly excited to get them, if fact that's all I've heard since about Wednesday of this past week.  Truck doesn't say much when anyone is around, but can be a right jabber-box when it's just us two!

Trisha, Rob's mom, Jackson, and Rob loaded up in CR-V and took a trip to Camping World earlier today.  They came home with two items just for me.  

One of the two being a new Oxygenics shower head set for my wet bath.  

Rob said they had been wanting to try one for the longest time, so decided today would be the day.  He told me the installation was straight forward. In fact his words were something to the effect it took longer to un-package it than it did to install it.  

Here's a picture of it installed in my wet bath.  I think it looks very impressive.  

Trisha walked down to my pod-port to check it out and said she is looking forward to trying it out.

The other item I got wasn't nearly so glamorous, but Rob said it will make dumping my tanks much easier.

It's an under camper mounted sewer hose carrier.  Rob says this will work much better than the little short factory one on my tongue.   He told me it is much easier to access, and frees up some storage space too.

Rob did take some pictures of the install process, and said he make make a blog post one day this week.  So be on the lookout for his post.  

That's about it for today!!  Check back soon for our next post. Thanks for dropping by today. 

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod & Truck.