Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Pod Among the T@Bs......

Hey everyone, it's Pod here along with Truck and Jackson.  We're bringing you tonight's blog post from The Big Visit at Big Meadow. This is Cousin Sharon's annual Blue Ridge Rally.  This year it's being held at Big Meadow Campground in Townsend, TN.

Since we're doing the blogging, then we get to choose what pictures to post from all the ones Rob took today with both his Nikon camera and iphone.  

The very first post I want to show you is a brand new camping sign Rob built just for me for The Big Visit.  It seems there is a contest amongst all the attendees to The Big Visit to see who can make the best sign holder.  Cousin Sharon, Rallymaster, supplied the actual 8.5 x 11 inch sign insert.  It was up to each camper to decide the rest.  So Rob cooked up a great one for me.   He actually debuted my new camping sign over our Spring Break trip, pledging both Cousin Sharon and Becky to secrecy.  

It looks just like me, has lots of my favorite stickers for rings, windows, and it's very own ground effect light kit just like me!

Here's a picture of the back where you can see a slide out just like mine.  Rob said he'd find me some more stickers for my back along the way.

Next I want to show off Truck.  Truck never has to much to say, but Truck sure does work hard bringing all of us on our camping adventures.  

Along the way, we picked up another Pod and it's people....

And they even took a picture of my rear as we rode along the interstate.....

And I can't forget a picture of Jackson who helped me with this blog.  Jackson enjoys sitting in the r-dome and keeping an eye on all the goings on in the campground.

Here's one more picture of who else, yup, you guessed it, me!

I would also like to feature a some former pod people.  Seems they started with a pod, then moved up to another pod, and now, they've outgrown the second pod, and have a motor home which pulls their car wherever they may go.....

And here's one last picture Rob took along the Blue Ridge Parkway after he had driven around one to many curves.  I sure hope he's going to be okay!!

Well that's it for this evening.  Rob, Trisha, and Jackson are sitting under the dome to the sounds of a gentle rain.  Rob said he'd be back blogging tomorrow, and he'll actually show some pictures of T@Bs and such.  

Rob said to thank everyone for checking by this evening, so THANKS!!!  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod, Truck, and Jackson.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

This, That, and Some Other Stuff too......

Happy rainy Sunday to everyone.   It's Pod here, I'm taking over the blogging duties on this lazy, rainy sort of Sunday.  Today's blog post isn't about anything in particular, but just a lot of this and that.

The first order of business is you should check out Cousin Splash's blog.  Splash is blogging this week for Cousin Sharon as she is busy getting all the last minute details for her Blue Ridge Rally taken care of.  Click on the link SpashT@B Stories to read all about the preparations.  

This next item is I wanted to show off my new kitchen faucet Rob installed yesterday.  If you hop into the way back machine you can read all about how my factory installed faucet failed, and Rob had to replace it while camping.  He opted for a pretty basic faucet because of limited time and tools.  Yesterday he did an awesome upgrade.  Check it out......

Pretty nice isn't it?  Yes this is a staged (just a little) picture, but since someone (Mark) made reference to Rob's hoighty-toighty camera, he thought he'd do this just for me.  I kinda like it too!

Next Rob replaced my broken radio antenna.  We're not sure how it got broken, but it happened on the way to the beach over Spring Break.  I should be rocking some tunes now!

And if you remember just a few weeks ago, Cousin Sharon presented me (and Rob and Trisha too of course) with an awesome Camping Happy.  A watercolor of Truck and myself.  Well Rob had it framed by a good friend, and while this isn't the best picture, doesn't it look wonderful!

Along the way, Rob has updated the 2015 Trips Page.  Adding a camping trip to the mountains for Memorial Day weekend, and changing the location for the year ending trip from Hunting Island State Park to Huntington Beach State Park.  While we love Hunting Island, Huntington Beach is a 100 miles closer, and Rob snagged a full hook-up site to boot!  

Well I guess that's about it for today.  I hope everyone has a great week.  For all of y'all at the Spring Fling in Townsend this week, have a great time and we will miss seeing everyone.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Low-Key Sort of Thursday......

Happy Thursday everyone.  It's been a low-key sort of day here for sure.  Our day started early with a long walk for Jackson, followed by breakfast, showers, and the normal morning routine around camp.  

About 10 o'clock we loaded up in Truck and followed the Cousins down to the shops at Pawley's Island.  The sole purpose of this trip was so Cousin Sharon could drop by her life-long friend Nancy's shop to wish her a happy birthday.

Nancy owns and operates Lulu's Paw Boutique in The Hammock Shops village.  

This is a neat little collection of shops, selling most everything touristy, and some things that aren't so touristy.  

While there at Lulu's Jackson bought himself (with the help of Rob's charge card) a new camo halter.  Soon, cousins Murphy, Gracie, and Sophie (even though she's back home) had new halters too.  Only Jackson's was camo though.

Then it was back to the campground where we got out all our leftovers from past meals, added a few things to them and had a great camp lunch.  The menu consisted of Shrimp and Lobster spring roll, fish taco, deli chicken salad, grilled ham and turkey sandwiches, salad, fruit, and the last of the crab dip.  

After lunch, Trisha and Cousin Becky when in search of some reading material, while Rob started to break down camp and Cousin Sharon walked and sat with the dogs.   Poor Pod looks naked without a r-dome attached. 

Supper tonight will be a low-county boil (in keeping with our low-key sort of day) with red new potatoes, corn on the cob, sausage and shrimp.  Add a small pan of cornbread, and don't forget, the rest of the Key Lime Pie is for dessert.  

****Blog Break****

And as advertised, supper was indeed a low-country boil.  It was so yummy.  Along with Rob's first attempt at cornbread baked in Pod's oven (it was great), we had a wonderful final camp supper on our Spring Break 2015 trip.

Tomorrow morning we'll be heading back home to get stuff squared away from our week here, and to get ready to return to school Monday.   

Thanks to everyone for following along with us this week.  Lucky for us, our next trip is only a little over three weeks away.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T&J (and the rest of Team R&T)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

P-Nutty's Big Day at the Beach.....

Happy Wednesday evening everyone.  It's P-Nutty here taking over the blogging duties for Mr. R this evening.  Seems Mr. R had an accident chasing Jackson yesterday afternoon and sorta hurt himself.  But not to worry, he says some ibuprofen and a little rest and he'll be right as rain.  

I've had a grand day here at the beach.  This morning dawned cloudy and cool.  Around noon the clouds left, and day day became sunny, breezy, and cool.  

I started my day checking out Splash T@B.

Then it was a long walk with Jackson and Mr. R where I got my picture taken on a ginormous chair.

Then I checked out the State Park cornhole board, saw the ruins of an old beach estate home, and got to climb a palm tree.

Then I tried to ride Mr. R's bike but I couldn't reach the pedals or handle bars, found a flock of flamingos, visited the gift store, climbed to the observation deck, saw the Atlantic Ocean,  picked out a sticker at the gift store, and got my picture taken again on that big ole chair.   (Jackson was sure looking at me!!)

Then I got to work the GPS, sit in a neat rocking chair, shop at a nice store, picked out a nice bait shop to eat lunch at (but got voted down), sat on the Marshwalk sign, went with the gang to the Inlet Crab House, and then we stopped by the seafood market for something called "shrimp".

Then I got strapped onto Thing 2 (Mr. R's bike) for a ride around the campground after lunch.  Where I saw a neat old estate called Atalya,  what could have been a squirrel jail (shudder), got Cousin Sharon to help me photo bomb a picture,  saw a turtle and an alligator, 

Along the way, I got to check out sunrise with Pod, offered to light Miss Molly the Coleman Stove, check out big Yeti, spent some quality (yeah right) dome time with Mr. R and Jackson, took a short nap with Mr. R, then helped Cousin Sharon order her lunch.  

I even checked out Mr. R's lunch (fish tacos) and posed with Cousin Becky too!

I hear there will be crab cakes, pasta, and salad for supper tonight with a homemade Key Lime pie for dessert.....

See told you, and everyone said it was yummy too!!

Thanks to everyone for reading all about my big day.  I sure had fun and I do think Mr. R is feeling some better this evening.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-P-Nutty (for the whole gang)