Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Yup,  you read that correctly.  DO NOT ENTER.....unless of course  you want to hear about another grand day at the beach.  Oh, and happy Tuesday evening.....

Our day started at about six this morning with Jackson and Rob striking out on their normal early morning walk.  Once they were back to the camper, Rob worked on some first of the month financial stuff, while Jackson assisted.  During that time, they also talked to the neighbors across the campground street and a couple of other people who just happened to pass by and see them out in the dome.

After Trisha got up, we had a light breakfast and then planned our day.  We wanted to do a little shopping, plus a couple of errands.  So it was showers, getting dressed, and off we went.  We stopped by Belks, the Lazy Gator, Murrel's Inlet Seafood, and Food Lion.  

Then it was back to camp to fix a good lunch.  The menu was grilled Yellowfin Tuna, Angelhair pasta with alfredo sauce, with crab dip, and pimento cheese (from the seafood market) on the side. 

After eating and cleaning up from lunch.  Rob took Jackson for a quick walk and we all took a nice afternoon nap during the heat of the day.

After our naps, we all took a nice walk around the campground and along the beach.

This guy found a "playmate" who wasn't so keen on playing.  Jackson just watched but didn't want to get too close......

As we walk along the beach, we decided to take Jackson back to the camper, grab a couple of chairs and head back to the beach for the evening.

After about an hour and a half, Rob happened to check the weather on his iPhone, and saw we needed to get back to camp quickly since it looked like some bad weather was on the way.  We hurried back, got everything tied down, only for the storm to die out before reaching us.  

In the mean time, Pod had decided one shouldn't wait until one is old to wear purple, that it would be just fine to wear purple right now, on a Tuesday night even.....

Well that's about if for our day here.  Yes, it was a perfectly great camping a the beach day today and the outlook for tomorrow is even better!!  Thanks for stopping by this evening.  And as always....

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

Monday, June 29, 2015

No Matter How.....

You may choose to look at things, we are indeed truly blessed.  Happy Monday afternoon from the beach!!!

We're back at Huntington Beach State Park for the week.  Friday we travel to James Island County Park for the holiday weekend, and then home.  

We've had to cut short our two week beach adventure due to both medical tests for Trisha and a change in health issues for a parent. 

None the less, we arrived here without incident and got camp set up on a HOT Sunday afternoon.....

The keeder rope tore on the old r-dome, Rob patched it with Gorilla Tape, so this may be it's last trip.  (It has quite a few other battle scars.)  Then about an hour or so after getting camp set up, a major thunderstorm blew though which we weathered without incident.

We've spent plenty of time on the beach already....

And we've cooked a couple of awesome meals and it's just Monday afternoon.....

So you see, in-spite of not being able to spend two whole weeks at the coast, and in-spite of those other issues too, we took the phrase "Just Go" and "We Went!"  

Today's post will be on the short side because now it's "Nap Time!"

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time With Friends.....

Happy Tuesday evening everyone.  We're back home to the hot, humid, and way too little rain of North Carolina.  Rob was afraid the yard would look terrible, but the grass really hasn't grown much at all.

As you may have figured out, a small group of Podder's stayed over after the ERU ended on Sunday.  We had a "clean out your leftovers" pod-luck Sunday evening as one last get together.  All of podders except for furpod pulled out on Monday morning,  leaving just the four of us, Mark, Susie, Trisha, and Rob.  

We spent a good bit of time just visiting, exploring, and sampling some of the local restaurants.  We had a grand old time and it was sure great to get to visit with them again.  Mark even took Rob out on a small geocaching adventure, so Rob could see how it's done!

Tonight's pictures will just be random photos of our Sunday and Monday.  Sure hope you enjoy them...

We want to thank Cousin Sharon for the first picture this evening (Mark, Travis, and Rob).  It was snitched, hehe.  This wraps up our 2015 ERU trip.  We're leaving soon for the beach, so the next few days will be busy with a couple of doctor's appointments for Trisha, spending time with parents and getting everything squared away to be gone yet again.  Thanks for checking buy today and as always.....

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Four Guys at Five Guys.....

Happy Sunday night everyone.  The 2015 ERU is in the history books.  Most of the Podders have either gone back home or to their next adventure.  There are six pods left here tonight, and most of them will be leaving in the morning.  

Today's adventure sent Mark, Susie, Trisha, and Rob off to Huntington for lunch at Five Guys Burgers & Fries.  It was sure yummy.  We strolled around the downtown area just a bit, but it was too hot to do very much walking.

Rob did take a few pictures so you could follow along with our adventure.

Well it's about time to end this day.  It's has been a really great one, and you will just have to check back by tomorrow to find out our next round of adventures.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hillbilly Hot Dogs and Other Good Eats.....

Good Saturday evening everyone!!  We've survived the remains of Topical Storm Bill, and are reasonably dry to boot.   

Today was all about good eats.  We started with breakfast, which was a simple sausage, eggs, onion, and cheese scramble with biscuits just like Mark's (furpod) grandma used to make.  We're guessing whop biscuits have been around for a long, long, time.  

Then for lunch, we went to a Triple-D spot called Hillbilly Hot Dogs.....

Now the hot dog's weren't anything all that special, but oh my goodness, the actual place itself was just over the top funky!!

The dining rooms were old school buses with window unit air conditioners to keep them cool.  It was loads of fun, and something we can check off on our bucket list.  Of course we were there with other campers so that made it even all the more fun!!

After lunch it was back to the campground to hangout, start cooking supper, and to survive the storm that was about to blow through.

It wasn't long until supper was ready.  The food was awesome. The menu was Camp Dutch Oven baked lasagna,  CDO beef brisket chili, and topped it all off withs CDO Brown Bears in an Apple Orchard for Dessert.  

All of which was Jackson approved to boot!!!

It was a fun, damp, food, and friend filled day here in West Virginia.  Tomorrow the ERU officially comes to an end and lots of the podders will be pulling out.  Now all the fun starts figuring out where next year's ERU will be held.

Thanks for checking by today, and be sure to check back by tomorrow and find out about our Sunday.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.