Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ocracoke Day Trip.....

Good evening all.  It's Miss Anne back with another blog post.  For this post I had a lot of help from Levi.  He took Jackson, the Mr. and Mrs. and cousins Sharon and Becky on a day trip to Ocracoke Island.  

He was kinda excited telling me about it all, which seemed strange cause I've never known Levi to get excited about much.  But when he told me about taking a boat (ferry) ride not once but twice, then I begin to see why he was so excited.  

So let me back up just a bit here.   Seems my gang was up on the edge of daylight, showered, dressed, and out the door about 7:00 to meet the cousins.  They were at the ferry dock shortly thereafter where they missed being able to load the ferry by the skin of Levi's rod rack (Rod for short).  Seems the whole combo was just too long for the space left.  

It's ok though, they were on then next ferry an hour or so later and the adventure began.  After a 60 minute ferry ride, then a 15 mile drive to Ocracoke Village, the gang found breakfast, then Levi said the best part was he got to rest cause the Mr. rented a six-person golf cart to explore the island.  Levi said that was great by him cause those roads in the village were skinny and crowed.  Seems he doesn't do either very well.  

Our gang toured the village, did some shopping, the Mr. scored some stickers and a PIRATE flag for my flag pole!!!  The cart had a 2:30 return, and since it was just too hot to eat outside because of having Jackson along, they all loaded back up in Levi, drove back to the ferry, just missing the one leaving by about three minutes, and were shortly parked in the very front of the next one to leave. 

After the Mr. and Mrs. both took a quick shower, they were back in Levi, leaving a worn out puppy in my care.  Levi said they picked up the cousins, went out to eat, rode on the beach and stopped for ice cream.  Whew!!! What a day.  I was able to grab a few pictures from the Mr's iPhone and camera to share with everyone tonight.  

I'm not sure what's on tap for tomorrow just yet, but I bet it won't involve getting up before the Sun!!!  Anyways, check back here in a day or two to find out all about it.  

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Miss Anne and The Gang.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Good Morning from the Outer Banks......

Good morning all.  It's Miss Anne blogging this morning wishing everyone a great Tuesday and rest of the week!!!

I'm someplace I've never been before, the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina.  This is nothing like my home at The Holler, or is it even much like the place the Mr. and Mrs. call "The Beach."

We all left about 5:45 Sunday morning, and arrived here about 1:30ish Sunday afternoon, making one fuel stop (I've never done that before either) and breakfast stop.  Then one more comfort stop for the Mr., Mrs., and Jackson.

It was sunny, hot, and a nice breeze was blowing.  It didn't take long for my camp to be set up, well not all of it, but just the basics, with the Mr. finishing a few things early in the Monday morning coolness. 

The cousins, Sharon and Becky, arrived just shortly after we did but hug out with us until 4 pm so they could check in their PINK cabin.  

Levi has told me a few things about this place, but you just have to see it to believe it.   I have a great site, on the canal, in the corner, so there's plenty of room for us.  I've never camped this close to the water either, whew!!!  

Our campground is called Hatteras Sands Campground.   Click on the linky thing I made and check it out if you want.  

At any rate, so far my gang has cooked, been lazy, enjoyed the nice ocean breeze here at my site, and Levi was telling me all about driving out on the beach where everyone just hung out.  Levi even told me about the Mr. doing something called fishing and he even caught three of them......

At any rate, square sausage is frying on the Blackstone, and my gang is up and lazing in the morning breezes.  Here's a few pics from the last couple of days for you to enjoy.  We're here until Sunday, so I'll be sure to blog a time or two more.  You'll just have to check in and see.   (Thanks for doing that by the way!!)

I'm going to wrap this up for this morning.  Have a great day!! And as always.....

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Miss Anne and Gang.....

Thursday, July 19, 2018

There and Back again......

Happy Thursday morning everyone.  It's Rob here today blogging to you from the coolness (58 degrees) of the North Carolina High Country.   (I do have permission from Miss Anne to write this post!!!)

As most of my Facebook family knows by now, my Cousin Sharon and I have been on  a little adventure the past 3 days.  Cousin Sharon purchased an Oliver Travel Trailer for her seasonal site up here at The Holler, and this was the week we went to take delivery of Miss Mollie and bring her home to North Carolina.  If you want to know more about Oliver Trailers, just click on the link above. 

We rolled out of a foggy Holler about 7:30 am Monday morning, and we all arrived safely back here about 6:00 pm Wednesday evening.   In between those two points in time, we had cheese cracker lunches, traveled 970 miles, was served by Davy the waiter, went on information overload, endured mid-July central Tennessee temps, visited a historical site, laughed hysterically (to be honest, it generally involved my laughing at Cousin Sharon), ate at a local cafe, made at least one wrong turn, circled (all the way around) a county courthouse, and generally had an action packed once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Now, I'm not going to tell you much more, I will tell you the name of Cousin Sharon's new Oliver is Miss Mollie.  You'll have to scoot on over to her Postcards Blog and her Coffee Cup Blog if you don't already know to read up on how she got her name and Cousin Sharon's recount of the entire adventure.  BUT, give Sharon a day or two to get her self all combobulated, because she was a bit dis-combobulated yesterday evening. 

I'll send a few pics of our recent adventure.  And I want to say THANKS to the entire crew at Oliver Travel Trailers for helping both Cousin Sharon and I through this process.

As I have before, I encourage each of you to get it out there on the open road and take a trip as often as possible, life's an adventure, don't spend it at home.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Rob

Friday, July 6, 2018

Ladies' Sleep Over......

Happy Friday everyone.  It's Miss Anne here and with the help of my technology, I'm excited to bring you another remote blog post.  You see, the Mr. and Mrs. packed up and headed out early this morning.  Well, they actually headed over to Cousin Sharon's site up here at The Holler to pick up her cute little Scotty known as The Coffee Cup.

It didn't take long and everything was made ready, The Cup was hooked to Levi, and down the road we all went.  Levi leading the way pulling The Cup, and Cousin Sharon in her truck Splish not far behind.

But, a plan had been hatched a few days earlier.  The Mr. and Mrs. were going to take The Cup home with them, so the Mr. could wash her outside really, really, well, and then check for any leaks.  Those of you that have followed along on The Cup's trips know that she has had a few water leak issues around her windows.  

Once she was washed, the Mr. would check for any leaks.  The Mr. had also ordered some special RV type caulk all the way from South America (you know, The Amazon,) to seal any leaks he found.

As soon as the Mr. and Mrs. got home this morning, they parked The Cup in my house.  So you see, us campers can have sleep overs too.  Sometimes the logistics can be hard to workout, but we still have a lot of fun.  

Now The Cup was some dirty, but the Mr. was soon out at my house with a bucket, water hose, long handled brush, etc., to get her all shiny once again.

I hope she doesn't get too lonely underneath my big shelter, but I'm sure the Mr. will spend some time with her every day so she won't.

You can see below that she needed a good washing.

And a good washing she got, the entire top, the sides, the front, the back, her A/C cover, tongue, and finally her wheels and tires.  

In no time at all, the Mr. had scrubbed every square inch of her clean and she just looks so happy now!!!

Now, for the important stuff.  The Mr. told me he tried extra hard using the nozzle on the water hose to make anywhere that would leak to do just that, leak.   He's happy to report that there are only two spots he will need to check.  Those are one point on the rear window, and one point on the window next to the door.   Most importantly, what he saw was the tiniest bit of a place so the plan is to touch up the top seams with that special RV caulk, then to use some other special RV caulk to the windows first thing in the morning.   The Mr. plans on letting that all set up, water test it again, and if all is good, The Cup will be going home on Wednesday morning.  

The Mr. told me he was very happy with what he found, and he didn't actually think a bad rain would cause any issues at all now, considering the way he water tested The Cup.

Well I think it's almost my nap time here, so I'm going to let y'all go for now.  The Mr. promised more pictures as he did some caulking tomorrow, so if he sends me some, I'll be sure to shoot you another blog post.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....Miss Anne and The Cup......