2015 Trips

Here it is July 2014 and we're already planning trips for 2015.  Let's hope it's going to be a busy camping year....


Join us for the King's Mountain Kick-OFF.  We will gather there for an impromptu un-rally for T@BBers, Podders, and all our friends.  Join us March 12-15 at Kings Mountain State Park in Blacksburg, SC.


The 8th Annual Blue Ridge T@B Rally, Big Meadow Campground, Townsend, TN.  Our camping dates are April 30 - May 3.  Rob's been to everyone of Cousin Sharon's BRR's, so he says he can't miss this one!  


Spring Break, March 29 -- April 3.  Spring break is early this year, but we'll be back at Huntington Beach State Park.  This should be a fun trip because Cousin Sharon is planning on camping with us too!!


Memorial Day Madness.  May 22 - 25, 2015.  Some say it's madness to camp on Memorial Day Weekend.  But it is a three day break, Raccoon Holler isn't to far away, plus we got almost the last site in the whole campground.  


The 2015 Eastern Round Up (ERU) is a Beech Fork State Park in Barboursville, WV.  We'll be here June 17-23.  We plan on convoying most of the trip with Cousin Sharon.  Some of you may remember we did a weekend stopover here last August on our way home from the F.R.O.G Rally.  We're looking forward to meeting up with pod friends old and new.  


Summer Beach Blast, Part I June 28 -- July 3.  We begin our adventure at Huntington Beach State Park.  This is the first part of our almost two week stay at the coast.   Should be fun....


Summer Beach Blast Part II July 3 -- 5.  We move to James Island County Park for the holiday weekend.  Now this should be even more fun.....


Summer Beach Blast Part III, July 5 -- 10.  We move to a beach front site at Edisto State Park.  This is a small site suited just for smaller campers like Pod.  We will literally be just steps from the ocean.  This is will be grand.....

Along with Pod and Truck,  the whole gang here at R&T's-Pod will get to go on this adventure.  Big Yeti, Little Yeti, Kari the Kart, Thing 1 & Thing 2 (our bikes), Stinky (the sewer tote tank), and Chillbert (the ice maker).  

UPDATE:  Due to a medical procedure, we had to cancel the second week of our beach blast. 

Raccoon Holler Campground, July 20 - 24.  We'll be camping at one of our favorite mountain campgrounds with Cousin Sharon.  Relaxing, eating good, and exploring the high country will be the main activities during this week of mountain camping.


F.R.O.G-2015.  We return to Goshen, IN for the 4th F.R.O.G. International Rally.  We've enjoyed this trip for the past two years and are already looking forward to this year's adventure.  The dates of this rally are Aug. 9 -15.  Our actual departure and return dates will vary just a little as we have a couple of side trips planned.


Labor Day Weekend  Honey Bear Campground Sept. 4 - 7, 2015.  This is a new to us campground.  We'll be camping there with Pod friends so we're looking forward to this trip.


Camping Dutch Oven Rally  Andrew Jackson State Park, SC.  Sept. 25 - 27.  We're making a quick weekend trip to a close by  SC State Park to view the goings on of a local Camping Dutch Oven Group.

UPDATE:  We decided to cancel this trip due to the health issues with a close family member.

Huntington Beach State Park.  Dec 26th - Jan 1st.  We'll usher in the New Year in the South Carolina Low Country.



  1. You forgot our ERU trip to West-by-God-VA!

    1. I sure did, but that's all fixed now!! Thanks Cuz!!!