Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday Fun......

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today has been a pretty normal Saturday for us with one small exception, it's the last weekend before summer break!!  

Today Rob gave Pod its semi-annual waxing.....

In between applying and waiting for the wax to dry, Rob even built a special hot pad for our Camping Dutch Oven.   He used some wood left over from another project, and it turned out real nice.

This will allow us set the CDO on whatever table we are eating at and serve directly out of it.  Rob also says it really helps in carrying a hot CDO where ever you need to carry it to.

Our other bit of fun was to cook with stacked Dutch Ovens.  To accomplish this, Rob used our inside on the stove Dutch Oven. 

 Here you can see what it will all look like.....

Rob even made some special "feet" for the inside Dutch Oven.  He made them out of some material he had in the shop, but you can buy some L-brackets at the hardware store and have the same thing. 

Here's a picture of the "feet"......

Next, he used some new foil back parchment paper to line the inside Dutch Oven.  

Rob says he really likes this new paper better, because he said it can be molded to fit the inside of the Dutch Oven much easier.

Then it was to mix the cake batter.  In this case a box of Betty Crocker Lemon Cake mix and 12 oz of Sprite.  

In the Camping Dutch Oven he fixed country ribs.  This was really easy, because he just put in about 3 pounds of ribs, and covered them with some of his favorite BBQ sauce.  (KC Masterpiece in this case.)

Before getting the food all ready, Rob had lit the charcoal in the charcoal chimney and they were getting ready.

Next he carried everything outside where he stacked it all up, placing 7 coals on the bottom, 11 in the center, and 8 coals on top.

After 45 minutes, Rob checked the cake and it was done just right.  He turned it out, and found the bottom not only stuck to the paper, but was burnt too.  The good thing is, all the burnt stuck to the paper, so when he got the cake on a plate, it looked just fine.

Here's what the paper looked like with the bottom of the cake stuck to it.....

After setting aside the inside Dutch Oven to cool, Rob then went back to the CDO to add fresh coals, add some more BBQ sauce, and check on the ribs.  They needed to cook a little while longer, so Rob let them cook about 30 more minutes.  After checking them and finding them to be fork tender, he brought them in the house for us to try.

Notice the serving trivet he made underneath the CDO.  Down here in the south, when something is really, really good, we say that it is "Slap yo mama" good.  Well there wasn't any mama slapping going on, but Rob's mama did ask for seconds on the ribs!!

Plated with an nice fresh salad, and lemon cake for dessert, and our meal was both delicious and complete.  

For Dutch oven clean-up, the inside Dutch Oven Rob just wiped out, rinsed and dried the lid, and re-oiled everything.

For the CDO, Rob scraped out as much as he could with a spoon....

Then using the hottest tap water and a kitchen brush, he cleaned out the CDO, then dried and oiled it for the next CDO cooking adventure.

So as always, here's what he learned today.......

1.  Rob likes the new foil/parchment paper.  For cakes and breads, it needs to be sprayed with some cooking spray to make it non-stick.

2.  Use a little less heat for the underside of the cake next time.   Especially if it is being stacked.

3.  Everybody has to cook naked at least once in their CDO life.  

4.  Today's cooking fun included, a main dish, a dessert, two chimneys of charcoal, cooking naked, stacking, and new two-sided paper.

Well that's about it for today.  Thanks for checking by and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T,&J.

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