Wednesday, April 1, 2015

P-Nutty's Big Day at the Beach.....

Happy Wednesday evening everyone.  It's P-Nutty here taking over the blogging duties for Mr. R this evening.  Seems Mr. R had an accident chasing Jackson yesterday afternoon and sorta hurt himself.  But not to worry, he says some ibuprofen and a little rest and he'll be right as rain.  

I've had a grand day here at the beach.  This morning dawned cloudy and cool.  Around noon the clouds left, and day day became sunny, breezy, and cool.  

I started my day checking out Splash T@B.

Then it was a long walk with Jackson and Mr. R where I got my picture taken on a ginormous chair.

Then I checked out the State Park cornhole board, saw the ruins of an old beach estate home, and got to climb a palm tree.

Then I tried to ride Mr. R's bike but I couldn't reach the pedals or handle bars, found a flock of flamingos, visited the gift store, climbed to the observation deck, saw the Atlantic Ocean,  picked out a sticker at the gift store, and got my picture taken again on that big ole chair.   (Jackson was sure looking at me!!)

Then I got to work the GPS, sit in a neat rocking chair, shop at a nice store, picked out a nice bait shop to eat lunch at (but got voted down), sat on the Marshwalk sign, went with the gang to the Inlet Crab House, and then we stopped by the seafood market for something called "shrimp".

Then I got strapped onto Thing 2 (Mr. R's bike) for a ride around the campground after lunch.  Where I saw a neat old estate called Atalya,  what could have been a squirrel jail (shudder), got Cousin Sharon to help me photo bomb a picture,  saw a turtle and an alligator, 

Along the way, I got to check out sunrise with Pod, offered to light Miss Molly the Coleman Stove, check out big Yeti, spent some quality (yeah right) dome time with Mr. R and Jackson, took a short nap with Mr. R, then helped Cousin Sharon order her lunch.  

I even checked out Mr. R's lunch (fish tacos) and posed with Cousin Becky too!

I hear there will be crab cakes, pasta, and salad for supper tonight with a homemade Key Lime pie for dessert.....

See told you, and everyone said it was yummy too!!

Thanks to everyone for reading all about my big day.  I sure had fun and I do think Mr. R is feeling some better this evening.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-P-Nutty (for the whole gang)

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