Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Lazy Gator Sort of Day......

Happy Tuesday evening all.  What exactly is a lazy gator sort of day?  Well let's play 20 questions and see if we can find out.

1.  Is it Jackson checking out the dental work of one very lazy gator?

2.  Is it looking at a front porch lined with rocking chairs and just smiling?

3.  Is it shopping at a store named, yup you guessed it, Lazy Gator?

4.  Is it a sign warning us not to be lazy and "Beware of Gator?"

5.  Or maybe it's stopping by our favorite seafood market to get something requiring minimal work but giving maximum taste for lunch?

6.  Something like Shrimp and Lobster spring rolls?

7.  That turned into a lunch like this?

8.  Or maybe it was pedaling on Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Cousin Sharon over to the Nature Center to see the skull of one very lazy gator?

9.  Maybe it was stopping on the causeway to take pictures of an "oyster tree" and laughing at the traffic jam we caused because people though we were taking a picture of something "good?"

10.  Oh I know, it was pedaling on to the front gate to take a picture of the state park sign from a different perspective? 

11.  Could have been taking a picture of Cousin Sharon taking a picture of the entrance sign?

12.  Or a taking a picture of the "campground full" sign?

13.  Or maybe it was deciding to use the timers on our cameras to take the same picture with us in it (four times to get it right)?

14.  Possibly it was seeing not one....

15.  But two different REAL lazy gators?

16.  Or maybe, just maybe it was watching Cousin Becky peel the shrimp for tonight's supper?

17.  Could it be watching Jackson get extremely spoiled by Trisha?

19.  I bet it was watching Cousin Sharon cooking Greek Sauteed Shrimp with pasta for supper?

19.  It couldn't have been the wonderful supper we ate outside on a beautiful evening could it?

20.  Or maybe it was watching Cousin Sharon gather up tonight's left overs to add to tomorrow's feast?

So, there you have it, a lazy gator sort of day.  But you know, it's looking more and more like we got the title of the blog post wrong. 

 It should have been, "A BUSY Gator Sort of day....."

Thanks for checking by today.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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