Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Turning Point For Our Nation.....

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone.  After a wet start, the Sun is finally trying to peek out from behind the clouds and start to dry everything out.   

Today has been a great camping day so far in-spite of the wet conditions of this morning.  After an early morning potty walk for Jackson, Rob fixed a sausage, egg, and hash brown bake with whop camping biscuits for breakfast.  

After getting ourselves together for the day, we along with fellow Podder Mary, her friend Suzanne, and Jackson loaded into truck and were off to visit the Kings Mountain National Battlefield.

At the visitor's center, we learned about the history of the battle, saw exhibits of the weapons used, and learned how this battle, which only lasted about an hour, led to the British defeat at Yorktown, VA, a year later.  In fact no less than Thomas Jefferson called this battle the turning point of the Revolutionary War.  

To start with, here is a picture of the Patriot Commanding officer of the combined forces at Kings Mountain.

Next is the British Officer in Command who was shot and killed trying to escape once it became apparent the British were going to loose this battle.

Next is both a map of the battle, and a display depicting the layout of the battle.

Here are some the the weapons on display in the museum. 

A few of the common items found in a troop encampment of the period.

And finally a painting depicting the British holding the open high ground, and the Patriots holding the wooded lower ground.   The choice of this particular place to battle, the open position of the British, and the over reliance of the British commander on the killing ability of the bayonette, were all factors in the British loosing the Battle of Kings Mountain.

After learning all about the battle of Kings Mountain, we rode back to Kings Mountain State Park and visited the living history farm, where Jackson tried his best to make friends with some really big dogs disguised as donkeys.  

Thanks for checking by today.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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