Friday, July 15, 2016

Without Ice Cream......

Happy Friday evening all!  It's Pod here, blogging one last time from the Outer Banks.  It's been a grand week, and one I'm sure we'll all remember for a long time to come.  

At this point in the evening, nearly everything is packed away, I'm hooked to Levi, and there are only a few things needing to be done in the morning to leave.  Rob wants to leave around six in the morning.  

So, about tonight's blog title, whenever Trisha and Rob go camping, ice cream is always involved.  If it's only Klondike Bars in my freezer, there is ice cream around.  This evening they decided to go to an ice cream parlor called "Happy Belly." 

In fact to quote the sign in the window of the Happy Belly...

"Without Ice Cream There Would Be Darkness and Chaos"

I don't think you'd get any argument from Trisha and Rob about that at all.  

 After eating their ice cream,  they went riding on the beach one last time.  They told me when they got back from their ride, the ice cream did make their bellies very happy indeed.

They said this was the perfect way to end the last evening here at the Outer Banks.  

Well that's it for this evening.  I think everyone is kinda tired, including Jackson, and they are most likely going to get to bed a little early.  Thanks for following along with us this evening.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

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  1. Ice cream! And I made homemade fudge sauce for the sundae bar we had at our church dinner tonight! Yum!