Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Life of the Beach Doggie......

Happy Tuesday evening all.  It's Pod back blogging this evening.  I sure hope everyone had a grand Tuesday cause I know our gang sure did.  

It started when the Sun woke up this morning.  Jackson (The Beach Doggie) and Rob were out shortly after six for their long morning walk.  By seven Trisha, Jackson, and Rob were loaded into Levi and they were off to the beach for the morning.  Levi told me that Rob fished all morning and only caught one grouper.  It's ok though, cause just as he reeled it in, a fella in a special beach buggy type of wheelchair who was being rolled up the beach got to see the fish and it put a great big smile on his face.  

The gang came back about noon.  Rob grilled burgers for lunch, everyone cleaned up, and they they took off again to go exploring, do a bit of grocery shopping, and just riding around.  Levi told me they did find where they're going to hangout tomorrow morning.  It's at something called a ramp 49 on the inside road.  

This evening, after naps and some swimming pool time, Rob fixed crab cakes and shrimp for dinner.  Trisha and Rob ate outside and they said it sure was yummy.  

While they were swimming, I asked Jackson what he did on the beach.  He told me he barked at random things, watched Rob's fishing line to see if it moved, tried to chase a bird, drank lots of water, and just worked on his tan.  I think that sounds just grand. 

Here's you a few pictures of the gang's day.....

Well that's about it for today.  Thanks for stopping by today to catch up with us and be sure to do the same tomorrow.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod

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  1. Love your blog, Rob!!!! I've enjoyed reading your updates all week. Tell the rest of the gang hello and give Jackson a pet :) Enjoy the rest of your week! Liesel