Friday, July 24, 2015

Is it Friday Already?????

Happy Friday afternoon everyone.  This is the question of the day, "Is it Friday already?" followed closely by, "What have we done all week?"  You see it seems just like yesterday we arrived at Raccoon Holler to set up camp for five nights of camping.  Yes, you guessed it, tonight is our last night of camping, and tomorrow morning we head back down the mountain to home.  

Anywho, lets just see if we can figure out where on Earth this week went to so quickly.

We spent lots of time in Truck exploring the backroads of these parts of the mountains.  

We discovered you can rent a floatie just for your cooler to float down the river with you.

Saw lots and lots of road signs as we navigated our way around.

Stopped by lots of places that were indeed open and a couple we thought surely would be but weren't.

Sat in the back row of pews of a small country church, thankful we didn't have to sit there long because the pews we very hard.

 Took lots of pictures trying out all sorts of vantage points and ways to frame the shot.

Did we say we took lots of pictures?  Trying to find different ways to frame the shot? 

Took pictures of an awesome sticker thinking about projects for those long cold winter months.

Took pictures of each other taking pictures.

Stopped by places with names that just made you want to find out more.

Found our four favorite bottles of wine to take home with us.

Ate a picnic lunch at the drop of a hat.

Had a wonderful basecamp for all of our daily adventures.

Once again lived by the mantra, "The Dome is Home."

Even our cooking each day was an adventure.

And not only did the sun provide a spectacular sunset each day, but the moon put on a show of it's very own.

We had time to find the beautiful, often overlooked, views of nature.

Did I say already we took lots of pictures, and even took pictures of each other taking pictures?

We even went to one of our favorite stores in West Jefferson to shop for t-shirts and stickers (and Rob did buy several stickers this week!)

But best of all, we got to see early morning,  middle of the day, and late evening views of the surrounding beauty of these mountains.

I guess we can happily say, we've had a wonderful week in which time seemed to both stand still and fly-by at the same time.  Funny how time can do that to us.  

Thanks for checking buy today.  We'll be leaving for home in the morning, and take a few days off from blogging.  Not to worry, we'll be back later next week with more tales of our adventures.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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