Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Busy Laid Back Day at the Beach.....

Happy Thursday afternoon everyone.  We hope everyone enjoyed hearing from Kari the Beach Kart.  She had a blast getting to make a blog post.  

Today has been both busy and laid back.  It started with Rob and Jackson doing their morning three miles.  Followed by sausage and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Then it was load up Kari and head to the beach.  We were out there almost five hours today.  

Then we were back to Pod, where we both took a quick bath in the outside shower.  Then we washed and dried Kari, the beach cooler, the sand anchors and cleaned the two beach umbrellas.  

Next, we loaded Stinky the sewer tote, Kari, our grill, the Camping Dutch Oven kit, charcoal, and anything else not needed for the rest of the day or in the morning.

Once this was done, Rob fixed lunch with the last of the seafood, and it was still yummy!  Now we're inside the camper almost ready for a nice afternoon nap.

So to wind up today's blog, here are some random pics from our time here at Huntington Beach State Park.  Enjoy.....

So there you have it, another great week here at the beach.  The plan is to leave tomorrow, travel down the coast to Charleston, SC for the holiday weekend.  There we will meet up with Trisha's sister and have our July 4th celebration at their home Saturday evening.

Thanks for checking by today and this week.  We've enjoyed each and everyone of you following along on our adventures.  Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what that day brings.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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