Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Mountain Quiet Day.....

Happy Wednesday evening everyone.  It's been a mountain quiet kind of day here today.  We all loaded up in Truck mid-morning and set off in search of adventure.  We had a grand time, saw amazing views, and even had a picnic to boot!  

So you may ask, what is a mountain quiet day?  Well lets just see if we can find out.

1.  Is it a swing waiting for someone to sit and have a quiet swing?

2.  Is it a picnic table waiting for some family to enjoy the day with a quiet picnic in the mountains?

3.  Is it a "Life is Good" banner hanging quietly in the morning stillness?

4.  Is it the U.S. and State Flags flying quietly from their flagpoles watching over the morning?

5.  Is it a sign quietly waiting for it's owners to return to enjoy the peaceful mountain solitude?

6.  Perhaps it is highway signs, quietly giving directions while people decide where to go with their lives?

7.  Maybe it's the park entrance sign, quietly guarding the turn off into that particular park?

8.  Or could it be a quiet little mountain spring, running quietly down the hill?

9.  Could it be a park bench, patiently waiting for someone to quietly sit and enjoy the cool mountain day?

10.  Is it a butterfly garden waiting for all the butterflies to quietly enjoy it's treats?

11.  Could it be an exhibit of life in the quieter days of yesteryear?

12.  Or a quiet picnic lunch enjoyed with family?

13.  Or a butterfly having a quiet lunch on a wildflower?

14.  The view from an observation deck of the quiet valley below?

 15.  Is it a little white church nestled in the quiet valley below?

16.  Or is it a majestic hawk soaring quietly on the thermals?

17.  Maybe it is a quiet lane of moss covered rock leading to somewhere even more quiet?

18.  Could it possibly be the quiet struggle of a small mountain laurel to survive growing out of a fissure in the mountain rock?

19.  Is it a quiet mountain stream?

20.  Or maybe an old very quiet Methodist Church on a peaceful country lane?

We think a mountain quiet day is all these things and even more.  It's just one of those special days when life is a little slower, spent with special people, and chock full of great times.  

Thanks for checking by today.  We're not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but rumor is, a Wal-Mart is involved just for Trisha.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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