Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's in the Mail.....

Happy Saturday everyone.  We hope all are well.  Today's post is a little trip into the past.  

Growing up in a small southern town, one of the things Rob got to do was to ride "up-street" to the Post Office with his granddad to check the mail.  The mail was put in our box, and we just had to know the combination to get the mail out.  Or in our case, just ask Uncle Clyde, the Postmaster, and he'd get it for us.  

Rob's families P.O. Box number was 156, Mom and Pop's (his grandparents) was 120.  Rob says the combination works were so worn you could "feel" the wheels fall into the right place and didn't really need to remember the actual combination.  

So Rob decided to start looking around to find a similar Post Office Box door before they could no longer be found.  And today, when the mail was delivered, just look what we got.

A door.  This one isn't exactly like the one's we had in Landis.  There were some like this door, but ours had numbers.  Rob unwrapped it, lubricated the works, and it was as good as new.  It's stamped Corbin 1966.

We also got a box to mount the door and make a bank.  This box wasn't crazy expensive, shipping was quick, and it looks just great. 

So using some screws left over from a recent project (underbody light install on another Pod), Rob had the door mounted in the box in just a few minutes.

And here's another view of the completed bank.  Rob is still on the look-out for just the right door, and in fact, he thinks he may have found one.  

This was a fun little project, and he says it brings back lots of memories of days gone by.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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  1. Oh what great memories!! Loved going with Pop to get the mail!!