Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shower Platform Mod.....

Welcome on a very hot humid Wednesday here in North Carolina.  No doubt our July weather has found us in spades!  Today's post is about a shower mod we've been wanting to do for awhile.  

Seems that no matter how Rob levels Pod, if we use Pod's shower, the shower pan has water puddle in one side.  We've been looking at platforms, but they've all had issues.  Either they were not the right size, too lightly built, or mega-expensive.  

 So after doing some looking online, Rob took his mom to Lowes this morning to get some  Command Hooks for Trisha, a new 5 gallon gasoline can, and an 8' piece of recycled decking board.  

The old gasoline can seems to have an extra hole in it for some reason, hence the need for a new one.  The decking board is a plastic composite.  It cost all of $15.00, so it wasn't to expensive.

 To the left you can see where Rob cut the decking to length.  To the right, Rob has lined up one of the pieces he cut to rip it longways for the bottom runners of the platform.

The next step, which took a little time, was to take a piece of medium grit sandpaper and lightly sand all the cut edges.  

Then it was a matter of assembling the platform.  This wasn't hard to do at all.  Once Rob worked out the spacing and marked everything, the work began.

Here you can see where Rob laid everything out on the table saw.  

He marked where the top pieces were to go on the cross pieces before attaching them.


Next Rob counter-sunk the holes with a large drill bit.  He used 1-1/4" exterior screws for this project.

The picture to the left is the shower tub before, the picture below is the shower tub with the platform set into place.

We hope everyone keeps cool today.  Thanks for checking by and were off on another camping trip soon.  Check by our trips page to find out where.

 Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T,&J.


  1. Pretty nifty, Rob. Looks really nice!

  2. Occasionally I'll see small ones online or at Camping World that are designed to carry to the bathhouse for use there. I just take my shower Crocs because it grosses me out to think of standing barefooted in some of those showers! Having your own shower is a luxury and your new platform is outstanding! Rob the Mod King does it again!!

    1. HEHE, we have shower Crocs also for those times we use the campgrounds bath house. Barefooted in the shower after a herd of srangers registers pretty high on my gross-o-meter too!! -- Rob

  3. Bahh.. I could tell you stories.. 20 years and several deployments worth.. But yeah, while I am to manly to wear "crocks".. I do have shower Teva's. :)

    1. Yes Mark, but remember you were much younger then and also it was "Not just a job, but an adventure." Oh wait, wrong branch of service.....I know, you did more before 5 am than most people did all day!! :-) -- Rob