Monday, July 15, 2013

Hi from PI.....

Happy Monday everyone.  It's PI here today taking a turn at blogging.  Everyone has been busy today for sure.  Trisha & Rob were off to Trisha's school early this morning to move furniture.  Afterwards Rob came home to mow, trim, and clean up Truck.  Trisha was off to the fabric store and Walmart.  Then the all met up at the Ford Dealer to drop Truck off for it's 65,000 mile service and to eat lunch.

Rob has also been busy today with the sewing machine.  He started yesterday making equipment bags.  He got so excited making them, he decided that I needed one of my very own.  I am really glad I decided to come to live with Trisha & Rob.

Here you can see a picture of me with my bag, and you can also see how Rob had his sewing machine embroidery not only my picture but my name also.  How cool!

Look closely and you can see the little pocket Rob sewed just for my perch!  

Rob (he's giving Jackson a bath right now) said for me to tell everyone to check out his cousin Sharon's Splash T@B blog and Postcard's blog to read all about the creation of a lamp post just for Spash T@B.

Here's just one more picture, of me all tucked in my travelling bag, ready for my next adventure.  (Which I hear isn't too far off!)

Thanks for checking by today.  I don't think a whole lot is planned for the rest of the week.  Trisha is spending some time at school, and I think Rob is going to be doing some chores around here.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-PI

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