Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An Early Start.....

Happy Tuesday afternoon everyone.  We were up and out about 6:15ish this morning to go for a beach walk.  We saw the sun coming up over the ocean, and collected some nice sea shells.  Here are a two pictures of the board walk from the campground to the beach.

And then of course, a view of the awesome sunrise......

The sea oats were just beautiful this morning too.  In fact, they were full of bumble bees getting their morning pollen.

After spending time on the beach, we went bike riding around the park.  We rode over to Atalaya, the winter home of Archer and Anna Huntington.  She was a world famous artist, he had inherited Newport News Ship Builders and once owned Central Park in New York City.   

The Huntington's bought 9,000 acres along the coast just below Murrells Inlet in Georgetown County in the late 1920's.  He employed all local tradesmen and workers to build a winter retreat for his wife who had recently been diagnosed with tuberculosis.  Archer died in 1955, Anna in 1972 when nearly half of the property was gifted to the state of South Carolina to be developed as a park.  

Our plan was to tour the ruins, but we were an hour early.  Guess it was the early start to our day that did us in.  So we went back to the camper, got cleaned-up, dressed and off in search of breakfast.  

After a short ride to Murrells Inlet, we found Prosser's BBQ, and their wonderful breakfast buffet for only $6.50 plus drink.  

Leaving Prosser's completely stuffed, we went back to tour Atalaya and walk off some of our breakfast.  This had to be a truly amazing home in it's day.  We'll leave you with a two pictures of the outside, and a promise to tell you more later this evening.  The weather here is just too nice to spend too long on the computer right now.  

Thanks again for checking by today.  Be sure to check back later to hear more about our tour.  We are leaving in the morning to head back home.   

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, but no J.

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