Friday, July 5, 2013

F.R.O.G. Preparation 101..........

Happy Friday afternoon everyone.  Here in our little part of North Carolina, it's cloudy, sunny, rainy, damp, moist, humid, and wet to boot!  It seems like we've had rain multiple times per day for days on end.  

We had a huge lunch yesterday with lots of fresh garden (not our garden) vegetables to celebrate the Fourth.  It sure was good.  Rob  had been working on a few items for the F.R.O.G. rally in August.  

One of the items is still a secret, but the other one is a lamp post for our campsite.  You see, all of the Pods (20+)  are going to be in their own special village.  So in keeping with the village theme, and just be cause we wanted to, we built a lamp post for Pod.  Plus, we know several others are doing this too.

First we had to make a trip to Lowes for supplies:

This included:

1 - 3" PVC floor flange
1 - 2 ft. piece of 3" PVC pipe
1 - 2 ft. piece of 2" PVC pipe
1 - 4 ft. piece of 1/2" PVC pipe
(Rob had a piece of 1" PVC pipe in the shop)
1 - 3" to 2" reducing coupling
1 - 2" to 1.5" reducing coupling
1 - 1.5" to 1" bushing
2 - 1"  PVC caps
1 - 15 ft. brown extension cord
1 - can pipe glue
1 - can Gloss Black Spray paint (for plastic)
1 - 12 volt DC light.  

Here is a picture of everything dry fitted together.  This includes the drilling of holes for the cross piece, and a hole at the base for the electrical cord.

Then it was disassemble and glue everything back together like it came apart. Here's a picture after the first of two coats of paint.

After the second coat of paint got dry, Rob then mounted and wired the light.  Rob chose the low voltage light since it was much cheaper ( $5 vs. $25),  all plastic, and takes an automotive type push-in bulb.  

Next it was time for final assembly and testing.

 This just looks too cool.  It is secured with a couple of tent stakes to keep it from tipping over.  We think it will make a great looking addition to our campsite wherever we may camp.

Thanks for checking by today.  

Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T,&J.


  1. Thanks for including your supplies list! I see a funky, splashy lamp post in my future...tee hee. Yours looks great by the way!!

  2. Looks great, Rob!!! It will be interesting to see all the different versions there will be at the Rally.