Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Even Better Tuesday.....

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Yup as good a day as Monday was, we have to say our Tuesday was even better.  Our day started off a little on the cool side.  The only one even slightly complaining though was Jackson. 

After breakfast and our normal morning routine was complete, we were off to Super Dollar Tree.  The store manager thought a shipment of merchandise included a certain sized tote Trisha wanted, but it was just not to be. 

Then a quick "we-must-be-camping-because-we-need-something-from-Wal-Mart" stop, plus fuel for Truck and our must-do list was done.  So we decided to sight see and explore.  The day was so pleasant, we had the windows down and the A/C off too boot.  

We stopped by the Wagoner Access to the New River State Park.  Rob and Jackson walked down to the river's edge, and Rob took this picture of a huge snag in the river from all the recent rains and flooding.

After this stop, we headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway to just ride and enjoy the day.  We drove through the Doughton Park Campground and just generally enjoyed the sights.   

We were beginning to get hungry, so we headed back south on the BRP to eat lunch at Freebornes.  Our burgers, hot chips, and fried Jack and Blue Cheese sticks were awesome!

After a great lunch and a nice walk for Jackson, we were off back to camp.  We hopped back on the BRP headed south to Glendale Springs, and made a spur of the moment stop at Joe's Trading Post.

Here Trisha found a gallon baggie full of different colored metal fake metal coins for five bucks.  She wanted them to use as counters at school.  

After we got back to camp and rested awhile (took naps), Rob decided to check out what we actually bought.  Turns out they are Mardi Gras Krewe Doubloons from the 1970's and 1980's.  Oh wow!  They were thrown out by the different Krewes to the crowds during the Parades.  At a neat bit of history.

We have to apologize if the pictures aren't the best, it seems Rob's Nikon Camera decided to stay in the camper today for some reason.  Rob had to use his cell phone camera.  HAHA!

Tomorrow morning we're off back to Landis, to enjoy all the humidity and mosquitoes.  Oh joy!

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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