Sunday, July 7, 2013

New River State Park.....

Hello on this Sunday Evening from the New River State Park here in Crumpler, NC.    We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  We stayed home to watch the rain showers off and on all weekend (well for the past several weeks).  

Today we left home about 11 am and headed to the mountains to see if the rain in the mountains was any wetter or not. HAHA!  We had a good drive, but due to a massive traffic jam on I-77 north, we took some country roads.  The scenery was just beautiful, so we didn't mind the detour at all.

Once we got here, we set up camp as fast as we could.  Just as soon as the last thing was done, the bottom fell out and it rained for the next several hours.  While damp, the temperature is cool, and we are all settled in for the evening.

It wasn't long though until we had some visitors.  It turned out to be a couple who had bought a new travel trailer, and were just checking out the campground for a later trip.  It also turned out they only live a few miles from us.  Wow, what a small world.

After visiting and just relaxing a bit, it was getting time to start supper.  The menu tonight was our favorite Taco Pie.  While it was baking, we "set the table."  

Who says just because we're camping in the rain, we have to "rough it?"  It wasn't long until the Taco Pie was ready, and it was yummy.

By now the rain had stopped, and the sun was actually trying to peek out from behind the clouds.

So with the satellite TV all set up, we are going to enjoy our evening.  Check back by tomorrow to see what ever else we get into.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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