Friday, July 12, 2013

Lamp Post 2.0.......

Happy Friday everyone!  Yes you guessed it, we now have a new and improved Vers. 2.0 Lamp Post.  Of course it only took a couple of days of engineering and several trips to Lowes.  

Before we show you a picture, we'll list the things we didn't especially like about our Lamp Post 1.0, 1.01, 1.02, etc.

1.  The low voltage light worked great, but the cheap plastic-ness of it didn't hold up.
2.  The Gloss Black paint is STILL not completely dry.
3.  Couldn't take the lamp part off for travel.
4.  The cross arm was too big (diameter) for most of our banners.
5.  The Gloss Black paint and Flat Black of the new lamp just didn't work well together.

For all these reasons, Rob tried to improve the first lamp post.  But after working on it, he decided it looked more like something from the Laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein.  HAHA!  So he decided to start all over.

With the problems listed above in mind, here is what Rob came up with.

We like this much better.  To address the issue of being able to remove the lamp for transport, here is a couple of pictures to see what we did.

1.  Attached a "male" plug to the lamp itself.  Also mounted the light to a 2" coupling with a 2 inch piece of pipe glued in it.  This is to set the lamp into the 2" coupling on the top of the new lamp post.

2.  Here you can see the "female" end inside the lamp post.  You can also see the 2" coupling which is glued on.  

3.  Now you can see the nylon clip Rob fastened in place with a pop rivet so the cord wouldn't fall back through the lamp post when disconnected.

4.  Here you can see just the lamp post without the lamp in place. You can see the coupling on the top to slide the lamp into, and the smaller diameter cross arm.

Note:  The new lamp post was painted with Flat Black, and looks much better and is already dry too!

Here is a complete (we hope) parts listing:

1 - 3" PVC floor flange
1 - 2 ft. pc., 3" PVC pipe
1 - 5 ft. pc., 2" PVC pipe  (cut to desired length)
1 - 3" to 2" reducing coupling
1 - 5 ft. pc., 1/2" CPVC (thin walled) pipe (cut to desired length for cross arm, we cut ours 30 inches)
2 - 2" PVC couplings
1 - 15 ft. extension cord  (cut three-plug end off)
1 - 1/2" nylon clip (We use a pop rivet, but a small nut and bolt would work fine too)
1 - 2" PVC nipple (Cut from the five foot section)
1 - "male" plug
1 - "female" plug
1 - Post Lamp fixture of your choice.  

We hope this is helpful for anyone thinking about building one.  There are a lot of ways of building one of these lamp posts, so let your imagination be your guide.

Thanks for checking buy today.  Tomorrow Rob is going to help Cousin Sharon build a lamp post for Splash T@B!

Until next time, stay safe out there......-R,T,&J.


  1. Looks nice, maybe I can help with the paint issue. We utilized a lot of painted PVC pipe when I was at RTB. PVC conduit has a coating that reacts with many types of gloss paint and won't let it dry. It will also react with almost any latex paint giving you an uneven or streaked finish. Even if it does not react immediately, many times the paint will flake off after a few months of exposure to the elements. The solution is to buy special PVC primer (which is a lovely flat mint green or pale yellow) OR for light duty applications use inexpensive flat black spray as a primer.

    1. Thanks for the paint tip bro. The second version used flat black. It dried much quicker and looks much better. I'll remember the primer tip for the future.