Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oh WOW!! What a Wednesday.....

Happy Wednesday evening everyone.  Like the title says, what a Wednesday this was.  We drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway (Rob's favorite by-way), we visited Grandfather mountain were Rob and Sharon walked across the Mile-High Swinging Bridge, we had a picnic lunch, we stopped at The Old Hampton Store and Grist Mill, and finally a stop at The Donkey's Nest.  Don't ask us to explain the name of that last stop.  

We chatted, visited, talked about places we'd been, listened to tunes on the iPod, stopped to see the sights, took way too many pictures.  (Seems both Sharon and Rob need new memory cards for their cameras.)  In general just had a good old time.  

To follow-up from last night's blog, Sharon's Toe River Asian Beef and Noodles were yummy.  The trip to Grandfather Mountain was just great.  Finally, the Fly Exclusion Devices seemed to work great.  If you really want to know about them, you're gonna  have to ask.  Hehe!!

Rob decided to make a couple of collages of his favorite pictures from our exploring today.  Enjoy.....

And one last item before we finish todays' post.  We'd like to welcome P-Nutty to the crew.  You see, we asked him to come on-board because for some very strange reasons.....we needed a squirrel to attend the International F.R.O.G. Rally at Goshen week after next.....

Thanks for checking by today.  Rest assured we've got another grand adventure planned for tomorrow, but you'll just have to check back tomorrow evening to read all about it.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R&T

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