Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Meet Our Newest Team Member.....

Happy Tuesday everyone!!  It's been a great day here at Huntington Beach State Park.  As promised yesterday, we'd like to introduce and officially welcome the newest member of team R&T, namely Kari, the beach kart.

You see, on the way down here yesterday, we were talking about how nice it would be to have a beach/fishing kart to use to haul all of our stuff (cooler, umbrella, chairs, towels, books, etc.) out to the beach.  So a decision was made to look around once we got to the beach to see what was available.  

After eating supper yesterday, Rob remembered a nice tackle shop in Murrel's Inlet and so off we went to Murrel's Inlet Outfitter's and Tackle Shop.  It was only about three blocks up the street from Inlet Crab House.  As soon as Rob walked in the door, he spied the next member of team R&T.  He struck up a discussion with the owner, and quickly got the owner to knock off 10% if we took an un-assembled kart.  The owner was also willing to knock off the sales tax if we paid cash.  So with such a deal as that, Kari the beach kart became our newest team member.

Here's a picture of Kari in the box ready to for opening.....

Next here are all the pieces of what will soon be Kari.....

Here's a picture of everything coming together nicely.....

We'd like to thank Truck for assisting Rob with Kari's assembly.  

So of course, after an early breakfast of sausage, hash brown, egg scramble, we loaded up Kari and was off for about four hours at the beach. 

We came in about lunch time, put everything away, Rob rinsed off with the outside shower and pronounced it just grand, and then we grilled burgers for lunch.  After lunch it was off to Wally World, and Murrel's Inlet Seafood to buy crab cakes, shrimp, zesty crab dip, and homemade pimento cheese for the next day or so's eating.  Can you say YUM?  

Thanks for checking buy today.  The plan for tomorrow is more beach time in the morning, with an afternoon of relaxation around the camper.  Later this evening we plan on riding our bikes around the campground.  This is a great park for bike riding.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J


  1. Looks like you are having a grand ole time, wish we were there! Such a beautiful campground but watch walking on the salt pond trail, we got chiggers there and they were awful.
    Beth and Pete

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  3. Looks like Kari had a "full" first day...with many more to come, I'm sure! Have fun and know we miss you and wish we were camping, too!

  4. We are having a great time !! Jackson is becoming a beach doggy!!

  5. Oh you are killing me! I am so envious and would love to be digging my toes into the sand along beside you. Enjoy your supper this evening and have a ball y'all!! Murphy and Gracie said to tell Jackson-the-beach-bum hello.