Friday, July 11, 2014

All Good Things Come To An End.....

Happy Friday evening everyone!!!  Like the title says, all good things come to an end.  That doesn't mean the next thing will be bad, if fact, the next "thing" may be even better.  

For us it will be an early start in the morning with a potty walk for Jackson, then shortly thereafter, to Prosser's in Murrels Inlet for their breakfast buffet then the 200 or so miles back to Landis, NC.

This week promises to be a fun week.  On Tuesday Lowes is delivering a new HE washer/dryer set and refrigerator.  We badly need a new refrigerator, ours is approaching 24 years old, makes a funny clunking noise, and piddles on the kitchen floor regularly.  The other two are aging so we thought we'd bite the bullet and take care of everything at once.

This morning dawned mostly cloudy and dead calm.   So after Jackson's first walk, fixing breakfast and hanging around the campsite a bit, we decided to go ahead and start breaking camp.  We took everything down to a very basic set-up.

By lunch time, we were glad we had done this because a light misty rain set in, and all of our stuff would have had to be packed up wet and then dried when we got home.

For lunch we went to Inlet Crab Shack in Murrels Inlet for Fish Tacos and Shrimp Tacos.  They were yummy!!  A quick stop by Food Lion to re-stock a couple of items for Pod then it was back to camp to watch the afternoon unfold.  This included naps for both of us.  And two visits to the camp store for both of us to buy hats!

About six this evening, we went for a walk, and to use the new camera remote Rob bought to take some "official" beach pictures of the three of us.

Then a nice walk back to the campsite were we hitched Pod to truck, so we have very little to do in the morning before leaving.  While weather wise this hasn't been the greatest day at the beach, it really  has been a great day for us!!

We'll most likely take a few days blogging break, but will be back next week.  It looks like we're off to the mountains Monday a week with cousin Sharon (YIPEE).  Thanks for following our adventures this week.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J  Pod (the STAR of the whole show), Truck, Kari, Yeti and all the rest of team R&T!

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