Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pup, no make that Pod-Port.....

Happy Monday Everyone!  Hope your weekend was good!  Today's post will be on the short side.  I'll tell you why at the end of the post.  If you remember, when we bought the Fleetwood Pop-up in May of 2008, we became a TWO CAMPER family.  Well we found a good home for the old Layton in July of 2009.  It was a friend of Trisha who needed an old camper to live in through the week since he worked about two hours from home.  The Layton was perfect for just that.  So on a warm summer afternoon, I hooked the Layton up one more time and towed it to the new owner's shop.  

Now we had a proper place to store the new Pop-up.  I had bought a cover for it, but squirrels like to get under the cover for some reason, and they chewed a big hole in the cover.  Then they chewed one of the ropes loose that held the cover on, and took the rope up one of our trees!  I had a devil of a time getting that rope back out of the tree!  So I went looking at those metal carports you see advertised for $595.00.  Well when all was said and done, let's just say it cost somewhat more that that!!

Above is a picture of our pop-up parked in it's new Pup-Port.  If  you look closely, you can see my utility trailer parked sideways behind it.  This arrangement worked really good.  I could actually set up the pop-up underneath the carport. 

Here is a picture of our brand new Pod on it's first day home.  It just fit underneath the now Pod-Port.  In fact behind the Pod is some of the stuff we took out of the pup-up, waiting to find a place (or not) in the new Pod.

Later the next month (Jan. 2010) we had a big snowstorm.  Now I know for some of you, this looks like a light dusting of snow.  Take my word for it, here in the Southern Piedmont of North Carolina, this amount of snow just gums up the works something fierce.  We were glad we had a Pod-Port for our Pod.  (I think it was too!!!)

As I said earlier, this post is on the short side today.  I have the honor of serving on the Board of Directors of The Arc of Rowan County.  We have our annual Strategic Planning meeting tonight, so I will take a couple days off from blogging but I'll be back later this week.  This is a great organization, check our their website at: .   Stay safe out there.... -R,T,&J

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