Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introducing Jackson......

Hello there, my name is Jackson.  I am a long-haired dachshund who came to live with Rob, Trisha, and Rob's mom Von, in July 2010.  I wanted to try out this posting thing, so Rob said o.k.  I was born on May 24, 2010.  I came from a litter of six, four girls and two boys.  When they first came to see me, Ms. Cindy (the lady who has my mom and dad) got me out of our pen for Rob to hold.  They kept looking at other puppies that Ms. Susan had, and when Rob put me back in the pen with my family, I just knew I had to go home with them.  I jumped up and down, tried to bark, whined, and when they saw that, they knew I was the one for them.  Now Ms. Von wants a puppy of her own, but Rob says one dog at a time is enough. 

Now Rob and Trisha have a nice house, but they put up gates to keep me out of some of the rooms.  I would get even with them though, cause I would tear up papers, tissues, hide their shoes, and socks under the bed, just all sorts of stuff.  As I have gotten older, I am not so bad to do that puppy stuff, and they have taken down all the gates but the one into the dining room.  I am learning to be a watch dog, but with three cats in the house, Tiger, Sammie, and Mean-Cat (Callie) it has been trying.  

I love to go riding in the car or truck.  I even like going camping.  I have been on several camping trips with Rob and Trisha, even to the 2011 r-Pod round-up in Kentucky last summer.  What a fun trip!  Here are some pictures of me.  Trisha is always sticking a camera in my face to take my picture.  GRRRRRR.........You can see me in the profile picture with Rob and Trisha, and here are some more for you to look at.
My very first toy!
Here I am at the Vet's office.  Rob says I'm rowdy at the Vets!
Sitting on Grandma Von's lap.

Rob "borrowed" this picture from  my cousin Sharon's blog.  Thanks cuz!

I love plastic bottles!  Thanks to cousin Sharon again for this picture!

Rob says he just loves this picture.  Thanks again cuz!

Move over "moon" doggie, beach doggie's in town!

Hanging with Rob at Edisto Island, SC.

Ok everyone, Stay Safe out there.... R,T,&J.

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  1. are a mess! Every once in a while Momma Sharon lets me write something for HER blog and I always have a good time. I hope me and Baby Gracie get to see you soon. Happy camping you wild and crazy hot dog! Love Cousin Murphy!