Thursday, January 5, 2012

First Camping Trip With R&T's Pod.......

As I wrote in our first post, we traded in our Fleetwood Pop-up for our new r-Pod.  While we really enjoyed our pop-up, we felt the pod met our needs better.  As the owner of the dealership commented when we told him about our travels in the short time we owned the pop-up, "You have gotten ten-years worth of use out of this camper in 18 months."  

After picking up our pod on December 29, 2009, we had to endure three long months of prepping it, doing a few mods, and just getting ready for our first trip.

Our first camping trip was to Dreher Island State Park in Prosperity, SC.  Why we picked a campground we had never been to I don't know.  Here is a picture of our first campsite with our pod.

We arrived about 6 pm Friday evening.  As fate would have it, we were camped right beside another r-Pod.  It was also a 175 model.  After setting up camp, but not our r-dome, I kinda went snooping to see if our neighbors had their r-dome set up.  Darn, they didn't.  You see when we did our walk-thru  inspection when we took delivery of our Pod, the only thing we couldn't do was set up the r-dome.  The r-dome is the awning/screen room/additional room for an r-Pod.  The problem is the first time we took it out of the bag, the instructions were pretty, well, generic.  And what we had didn't look like any sort of an awning.  

The next morning we met our new neighbors, who had been at Dreher Island State park all week for the first camping trip in their pod.  They hadn't set up the r-dome because they didn't know how either. Later that morning we did get the dome set up, it wasn't all that hard, and it makes a wonderful addition to our pod.

Here is a picture of our r-dome all set-up with the sides rolled up, the end unzipped, and it is basically an awning.  If you look really close on the top of the Coleman Stove you see the only pair of underwear I had (forgot to pack any clean ones) drying in the morning sun.  HAHA

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about our first r-Pod camping trip as much as we enjoyed going on it!  Until next time...
Stay safe out there!!!  --R,T,&J.


  1. Enjoyed the blog. Will follow you guys. Perhaps see you in Michigan this summer. The Rdome is great and the newer ones go up even easier.

  2. Where can I find the screen porch?