Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011 for the Pod....

Hi there everyone, R&T's Pod here. I'm blogging today to give Rob a break. I just wanted to tell you what I got for this past Christmas. I didn't get much for Christmas in 2010, but that's because Rob suprised Trisha by taking her a few days after Christmas to buy a new 2010 Honda CR-V.  

On the other hand, I made out like a bandit this past Christmas!  Rob's nephew Kenny gave me the neatest light/flashlight from Coleman. 

Here it is as a table top light.  Rob says it could be used by ships at sea as a lighthouse it is so bright!!

And here is the same light, with two of the four lights removed. They can be used individually.

This is a great gift!!! Thanks to Kenny!!!

The next gift is from Rob's brother Cullen and his son Patrick.  Now Cullen told Rob it would come in three boxes by FedEx, and not to open any boxes until all three had arrived.  When the first two boxes were delivered, Rob didn't wait for the third box of course, he opened them right away. 

It was a great gas grill just for me, R&T's Pod.  Of course Rob didn't waste any time putting it together.  It looks great!!!  Thanks Cullen and Pat!

Here's another picture showing the great carrying case Cullen sent too. I won't get any grill yuck on me now!!!

The final gift was from Rob and Trisha themselves.  It was a Dish Network Satellite TV system just for me.  They love to camp at State Parks, and Trisha loves to watch her soap operas, and Rob loves to watch CNN.  
Here's the control box. 

This is picture of the TV and control box.  

Here is the satellite antenna.  Rob says it is easy to aim.  He even bought a tripod for the antenna.  I think it was so he wouldn't have to bend over so far to level and aim the dish.

Here's the signal meter.  Rob took a picture of it for me with the lens cap of his camera as a reference so you can see how big/small it is.  He says this really helps aiming the satellite dish.  

And finally here is Rob's favorite I think, the remote control.  He says it will control both the TV and satellite box.  If you have any technical questions, just ask Rob and he might be able to help you.  He says the whole set us was pretty easy.

Once again I want to thank, Cullen, Patrick, Kenny (and I guess maybe Susan, Jessica, and Rebecca, too!!), Rob and Trisha for the greatest Pod Christmas ever!!  I also hear there is another Rob in the family now.  How confusing!  Well maybe we can go visit him one day.
Stay safe out there -- R&T's Pod

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