Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Trip to Seattle, WA and back in the Summer of 2008.......

We started planning our trip out west in January of 2008.  For quite a few years, we had flown out to Seattle to visit family in the summer.  Now I know there are lots of sights to see in western Washington, but we wanted to see some of the sights in-between.

We had a blast on our trip from Landis, NC to Seattle, WA and back during the summer of 2008.  We saw so many sights, took way too many pictures, and remember that summer, gasoline was well over 4 bucks a gallon!  

Trisha loves to sleep while riding in a vehicle, and by the time we got to Seattle, she proclaimed the USA to be the best country to sleep through in a vehicle. Some places we spent one night, some places two, three or more.  Here is a partial listing of some of the places we visited.  I don't mention many specific things we saw, but I just give you a general idea of the areas we visited.  We were both truly amazed at all the wonders both natural and man-made we saw.

Land Between the Lakes, KY
St. Louis, MO -- 4 nights here total.  Lots of site-seeing
Truman Presidential Library, MO
Mitchell, SD - 1 night total (stopover)
Badlands in SD.
Custer State Park, SD - 3 nights here.  Lots of site-seeing.
Big Timber, MT - 3 nights here.  One full day of Yellowstone! I could have just spent the rest of the summer in Big Timber.
Spokane, WA - 1 night total (stopover)
Spanaway, WA and WA coast 9 nights total (Camp Driveway for 7 nights, Twin Harbors State Park 2 nights)
Ft. Vancouver Nat'l Historic Site, OR
Memaloose State Park, OR - 1 night (stopover)
Three Island Crossing State Park, ID - 1 night (stopover)
City of the Rocks, ID
Golden Spike RR Park, UT
Holiday Inn Express, Evanston, WY (did not like the campground in  Salt Lake City area of UT we had picked out, plus it was 100+ degrees in SLC but over the mountains in Evanston, was in the 60's )
Cheyenne, WY -- 3 nights (we both fell in love with Cheyenne)
Grand Island, NE -- 1 night (stopover)
Ashland, TN -- 2 nights total (1 night stopover each way)

We saw way too many sights to list, but here are a few pictures.  See if you can figure out where they might be.  I'm not completely sure myself.  

Until next post....Stay safe out there.  --R,T,&J

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