Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Little Pop-Up Camper......

As I started to tell you in my last post, in May of 2008 we bought a 2008 Fleetwood Sedona (8 foot long box) pup-up camper.  Having realized on the trip the first weekend of May 2008, the Layton wasn't going to be the camper we needed for our planned trip out west, when I took Trisha to see the pop-up, she was game.
So on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend of 2008, while Trisha was gone to the beach with some teacher friends, I went to Tom Johnson Camping in Concord, NC to pick up our new pop-up.  

Above you see it hooked up to the new Truck ready to go home, and to the right it is set up in Camp Driveway.  We are now a TWO CAMPER family.  (More about that later.) 

Here we are on one of our first camping trips in our new pop-up, back to the same campground as the T@B Rally, where I first started looking at them.  

As I told you earlier, we were planning to leave in June 2008, returning  home in August 2008 on a six-week trip from Landis, NC to Seattle, WA and back to visit family.  At this point in 2008, lots of planning and preparation for this trip has gone on, and well that's something I can tell you all about in the next post now isn't it?
Stay safe out there!!  --R,T,&J

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