Saturday, June 29, 2013

You Don't Know PI.......

But, you will soon!!  Happy Saturday afternoon everyone.  Our "early-ish" start this morning had more "-ish" and not much "early" to it.  When Rob went outside about 7:30 this morning, it was cool and very pleasant.  So he didn't go back inside, he just sat outside to enjoy the morning while Trisha caught a few more ZZZZZZ's.  Then we had to wait for a small rain shower to pass, fix breakfast, and get all the normal morning stuff done.  By the time we got into Truck it was going on 11 o'clock.  

But that's OK.  We decided to just visit Pawley's Island, and stop back by Huntington Beach State Park instead. 

We also stopped at Hammock Shops Village in Pawley's Island.  That was were we found PI, and invited him to come live with us.  We are both so glad he graciously accepted and will be come a member of our little group.  

Of course we've told PI all about Cousin Sharon's Anastasia and Cousin Becky's Mingo.  We also told PI about Tink's Myrtle, the love child of Anastasia and Mingo.  

He was excited to hear all about them, and hopes to get to meet them all soon.  We have a feeling that PI and Pod may even be doing some blog posts in the near future.  

After hearing all of this, PI wanted his picture taken with both Rob and Trisha.   

We're both pleased as punch to have PI part of our group now.  We'll be sure to post some more pictures of our day later.  So keep checking back.

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T, no J, and welcoming PI...

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  1. Awright!! Another pink camping child joins the family!! We are tickled to death that he decided to join us and we all are looking forward to meeting him!!!! Have fun down there on the coast!!