Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Hello from Raccoon Holler.....

Whew!  What a busy day.  We arrived at Raccoon Holler a little before noon, and after checking in proceeded to set up camp.  Cousin Sharon and her Coffee Cup showed up about 1:30 pm.  

Poor Sharon, it was her first trip with The Coffee Cup since bringing it home.  To say she was nervous is like saying the sky is blue.  It was fairly obvious!  But in short order we got her all sorted out and set-up too.  

Almost immediately afterwards, Tink, Ella and Tom both arrived.  So of course we had to sit and visit a bit.  Plus, we had to get rally badges and pins all sorted out.  A BIG shout out to Ella for making the neatest rally pins, and the name tag inserts.

It wasn't long until "arrrr-Pod" and "furpod" made their appearance.     Follow closely by Old Dingo & Mrs. and JJKashery.  So tonight, we have eight of our rally attendees present and accounted for.  What a great kick-off for our rally.  

Here are just a few pictures to share then it's off to bed.  It's already 10:30 pm.  

R&T's Pod

The Coffee Cup

TINK putting up her r-dome

Tom and Ella's Streamin'

And we can't forget the yummy taco pie we fixed for supper!!

As always, thanks for checking by today.  Tune in tomorrow for the latest rally update!!

Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T, but no J!!


  1. Lookin good! Next year we're going to make one of these and meet some of the good folks we've been hearing about on the internet! Just found out the dates after vacations were already planned for this summer. Hope to get 2014 dates a little earlier. Will be following your adventures... thanks for taking us along! Love and safe travels to all of you. Oh, and my secret dream is a stream!!

  2. PS, would LOVE the taco pie recipe!! I'm getting real good with my convection oven!

    1. Thanks for your comments!! :-)
      Here's the taco pie recipe:
      1 lb. of lean ground beef cooked
      Add to that one jar of your favorite salsa
      Chili powder to taste (or a pack of Taco seasoning.)
      Line an 8x8 baking dish with one tube of crescent rolls
      Add Hamburger mixture to dish.
      Top with your favorite grated cheese.
      Bake at 35o until crust is done.

      Serve and top with diced fresh tomatoes, shredded lettuce, sour cream, guacemole sauce as desired.