Monday, June 17, 2013

Camping Happy's and Shout Outs.......

Hi everyone, it's Pod here today.  I decided to take over the blogging duties because Rob and Trisha are both busy today.  Trisha is working a seven day summer job.  Rob unhitched Truck this morning, then spent a while riding around the yard on John Deere.  After all that, he cleaned out my fridge, stripped the bed, and generally cleaned up my interior.  I am such a lucky Pod!

Speaking of lucky,  I know Rob and Trisha got several camping happy's this weekend.  A camping happy is a small unexpected gift from another camper.  

The first camping happy was a way too cool "Rock My RV - Bret Michaels" bandana.  Rob says he is going to get it framed.  I hope he hangs it on one of my walls and not in is office.  This camping happy came from Ella, Tom and streamin'.  Thanks so much, I know Rob is very proud of it.

The next camping happy was a "Microwave Tater Sack."  This unexpected happy came from Sharon, Rod, and Happy Camper.  I know as much as Rob likes to cook he will be using it in my microwave.  

The next camping happy came from Meli, Mike, and Cheerful Trout Pod.  It is already hanging on one of my hooks, and NOT in Rob's office.  I know Rob and Trisha just love it, cause I sure do!

And you just have to check out the "Recycled Wrapping" they used.  Since it says right on my outside "eco-constructed," I just love this wrapping paper.

The last camping happy from from Cousin Sharon and The Coffee Cup.  It was the neatest mug that has the initials "RT" on it.  She snagged it just as it was going in the trash.  This makes a great camping card holder.  

Next, I want to send out a couple of "Shout-Outs" today.  The first two are to Ella for making the awesome Rally buttons everyone got.

Raccoon Holler, Where Podders and Marshmallows Get Toasted

The next shout out is to Ella also for designing and printing the coolest name tags.  

Next, I just know Rob and Trisha want to thank everyone for bringing food, and all those who helped with the setting up and taking down of the Rec Hall for the Saturday pot-luck.  

Finally, Rob especially wants to thank Mark, Susie, and furpod for all their help during the Rally.  

Well I have better sign off for now.  I will be posting from time to time when I can snitch a few moments of computer time.  

Until next time, stay safe out there....-Pod ( for R,T,&J)

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  1. Momma Sharon got her very first camping happy way back in the late 60's when a wee camper at Merri-Mac. At this past Blue Ridge Rally, she and I were showered with little happies too. Thanks for inspiration Pod...I feel a Story coming on. Momma Sharon said it was great seeing you again this past weekend!