Saturday, June 1, 2013

Please Raise Your Tray Tables......

....Yada, yada, yada.  Yup, any of you who have ever flown, have heard this little litany of instructions as the plane is preparing to land.  But wait, we're getting ahead of ourselves here.

Happy weekend everyone!  Today was slightly warm, but beautiful non-the-less here in our little corner of North Carolina.  Rob was up and out early mowing the grass, and Trisha was doing all of her normal Saturday morning chores.  Once the chores were done, and since we didn't go camping, we were off to Camping World.  

As we have told you before, we live way too close to a Camping World store.  We have been looking at a neat cabinet/tray table there, so today was the day to go check it out.  We all loaded up in Truck, all being Trisha, Rob's mom, Rob, and of course Jackson.  As luck would have it, they had exactly one in stock.  In a very few minutes, (the longer we stay the more we buy) we were checked-out and headed back home.  

Here's a view of what we bought.  Rob was a little worried because the box looked like it had been opened and re-taped shut.  

After pulling the cabinet out of the box though, everything seemed to be in order.  

Here's a view of the cabinet all unpacked and ready for the install.

While he didn't get a picture of it, Rob did remove a section of the base trim in Pod so the bottom of the cabinet would set flush against the wall.

Four screws were all that were needed for the install.  

Here you can see the cabinet installed.  It just fits between the bathroom door trim and the corner trim of the bathroom wall.  

In the closed position, it doesn't block access to the bed or the end of the couch.

Here's a "staged" shot of the table top extended.  You can see the Redneck wine glasses and coaster tiles from Cousin Sharon. 

You can still sit on the edge of the bed and the end of the couch to eat. 

This is where we normally eat a meal inside Pod.  We usually use a folding TV table, but we have on several occasions nearly knocked our entire meal onto the floor!  This table is much more sturdy.  

The other neat thing about this cabinet, is the storage.  It's meant to be a book/magazine rack.  Rob is using it to store the dishes, napkins, trays, and the Redneck wine glasses.

This really emptied up quite a bit of space in the cabinet under the sink.  

When finished with the table, it just folds down and covers the cabinet.  How neat!

Thanks for checking by today.  We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.  We only have five more days with kids, and then we send them home for the summer.  YIPEE!!  Also, only about 10 more days until the 2013 NC r-Pod and Friends Rally.  Double YIPEE!!!

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.


  1. Very, very nice! Bob & Deb Speckin have this exact table in their T@B and it's a great mod no matter what trailer you are in! Loved your staging with our BRR goodies too. See you soon!!

  2. That is a wonderful addition! I'm going to have to get a tape measure and do some figuring. Betcha Tink gets one! Ella