Saturday, June 15, 2013

Them Hills Is FULL of Pods......

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone.  It's Pod here today.  Rob is catching a cat nap in his chair, so I grabbed the computer to make a blog post.  I think he's a little tired from all is un-leadering! 

There are 16 total campers and 13 of them are Pod.  Lots of differents models are represented.  Plus, the names are awesome, like:  furpod, tink' r-pod, Happy  Camper, Cheerful Trout Pod, podisble dream, hoosierpod, and Our Pod just to name a few.  It's so much fun camping with family!

I just had to post some pictures of all my pod cousins.  So, I snitched the camera when Rob wasn't looking, or busy doing something to take a couple pictures of all the pods.

And many, many thanks to MY special guests The Coffee Cup, Streamin', and T@B for camping with me too!!

This evening, all the people are having something called a covered dish supper.  Don't tell anyone but all us pods, and our friends will be having a little party of our own too while all the people are gone!

Thanks for checking by today.  I'm sure Rob will be posting more tomorrow.  I am going to tell him to take the day off from blogging.

Until next time, stay safe out there....-Just Pod, (and all my camper friends too!)

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