Saturday, June 8, 2013

One Less Key.......

Happy Saturday everyone!  It's Pod here taking over the blogging duties today.  When you get done here, be sure to hop over to my camper cousin Splash's blog to hear about her camping adventure this weekend with her camper mom.

It's been a very rainy week here where I live.  In fact, at daylight this morning, it was still raining.  But the sun finally chased the clouds away and it has turned into a nice afternoon.  

I saw the FedEx truck make a quick stop by the house early this afternoon.  Sure enough, in just a little while, here came Rob with a package just for me.  (Well, Rob did say there were a couple of things in the package for Trisha too!)

Rob had ordered combination locks for my three storage bay doors.  Rob hates to carry keys.  Also, most travel trailers use the same key for all of their locks too!

With all of the camping gear stored in my cargo bays, I am so glad Rob changed out the locks to something a little more secure.   I would really hate for someone to "borrow" something and forget to return it.

As you can see, even my key ring has several keys.  Rob says multiply this by the CR-V, Truck, house, John Deere, and you get the picture.  So one less key has to be a good thing!

Here's a picture of my large cargo bay door with the new lock installed.  

It took Rob awhile to figure out just the exact right way to install the new combination lock on the first door.  Once he got all the kinks worked out, it only took a few minutes to complete the install on the next two doors.  Now don't even ask me what the combination is to the new locks.  Rob wouldn't even tell me 

Have a great weekend.  We are off this coming Wednesday to Raccoon Holler to the 2013 r-Pod and Friends Rally.  We are so excited to be going camping again.  Plus, Friday was the last day of school to boot!

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Just Pod today.

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