Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Drove How Far?????

Good Wednesday afternoon everyone.  It's just Rob blogging today.  I wanted to "wrap-up" this year's ERU with a few facts.  We got back home about noon.  At this point in the day, Levi has been unloaded and cleaned up, Pod has been mostly unloaded and washed,  and the laundry is all caught up.  

I've sorted the mail, balanced the checkbook, paid a bill, and about all that is left is to unpack.  I think that will be for another day.

I just wanted to pass on a few bits of info about our trip to the ERU in Traverse City, MI this year.

Nights Camped:  11 
Number of different Campgrounds:  4 
States Traveled in:  5
Miles I drove:  2,191.3  (really?)
Gallons of Gasoline:  197.46
Average MPG:  11.1  (this sounds low, but most of the miles were towing pod, and with Truck the average for the last trip to Goshen was 9.35 so this is a great improvement.)
Highest Fuel price:  $2.699/gallon
Lowest Fuel price:   $2.099/gallon (at home when I filled up Levi today, go figure)
Bottles of Bourbon bought:  None (Mark took care of all that)
T-Shirts bought:  4
Hats bought:  1
Stickers bought:  Just why exactly do you need to know this? I do NOT have a sticker problem!
Trips to Culvers:  3
Number of Pictures taken:  Over 400
Movies watched: 1 (The Princess Bride)
Miles followed by tink'r-pod:  A whole bunch!
Nights camping I didn't unhitch Pod from Levi:  4

Add to this sitting in a new screen room called the Clam 9281 (thanks furpod), using the new pole awning I made for Pod, and loading up six adults into Levi and setting out for the hardware store only to return hours later,  it's easy to see why we had a fun trip and also why we're worn out this afternoon. 

Thanks for checking by today.  I'll leave you with one last picture, well ok then, two....

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Rob (for the whole gang!)

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  1. Perfect stats as far as I am concerned! Great job, sir!