Monday, June 20, 2016

If Today's Monday, Then This Must Be Ohio.....

Good Monday evening all!!  It's Pod here once again blogging out to everyone.  

So let me catch y'all up.  The last few days have been a blur, in fact I had to ask Levi just now, where we are.  So let me think........I'm going to start with Saturday morning after my last blog post.  

Seems that Rob didn't really take many pictures on Saturday or Sunday. I thought that maybe he was too busy to take pictures, but as it turned out, Levi told me that he simply forgot his camera when the gang struck out to the trailer supply store to get supplies to fix The Coffee Cup (Cousin Sharon's other camper!)

After a wonderful breakfast of sausage gravy (thanks Sue!), whop biscuits, and Rob's fried eggs on Saturday morning, Rob looked online and found a nice trailer supply store close by.   He texted Mark, to see if he wanted to go, and before all the texting was over, Tink, Mary, Sue, Trisha, Mark, and Rob were loaded in Levi to run to the trailer supply store.   Several hours later, after stopping by a distillery for a bourbon sampling, going downtown to a kitchen supply store, and a great t-shirt and sticker store, the gang all had lunch.  Meanwhile, Levi was safely parallel parked in the shade in a handicapped parking place.  Not to worry, Levi is correctly placarded to use such a space.  

Then it was back to the campground so Rob and Mark could cook a couple of Camping Dutch Oven Dishes for the Pod-Luck on Saturday evening.  Mark fixed pork ribs and Rob fixed his Cousin Sharon's rice casserole.  The food must have been good because there wasn't any left over.  

After eating supper, the gang all loaded back up in Levi to go to an outdoors type store where Rob and Trisha both bought sandals.  

Sunday was a lazy, take down camp, eat lunch at Culvers, after eating a breakfast of Tink's Breakfast Treats, Tink's peppered bacon, and Mark's scrambled eggs.  (I'm telling you, these people do know how to eat!!)

As I said above, Rob didn't take many pictures the last two days, so I'll close with a random assortment of pictures from our trip.  

Well it's trying to work up a thunderstorm here, so I'm gonna hunker down till it passes.  

Until next time, stay safe out there......-Pod and the Gang!!

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