Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wow it's Wapo.....

Happy Sunday all!! It's Pod here taking over the blogging duties today.  And wow, after two days of rolling behind Levi, we're all in Wapakoneta, Ohio!  I heard Rob say tomorrow we're only have about about 350 miles left to go, and none of it is on Interstate highways!  

Today we left the Clinton/Knoxville, TN KOA about 7:30, followed by tink'r-pod and the Tink herself.  Traffic wasn't too bad, but was heavier that we figured it would be for a Sunday.  Of course today included the cities of Lexington, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Dayton, OH.  So we encountered construction, bumpy roads, and lots of people driving crazy fast.  

I think everyone was happy to get to todays' stop.  The temps are in the low 80's, the humidity is low, and there's a great breeze.  Tink, Trisha, and Rob all agreed the best part was that the KOA here has a little grill, and they deliver!!

Here's a few pictures from the KOA to tide everyone over for today.  Check back tomorrow evening.  We should be in Traverse City, MI, have camp set-up, and be in full ERU mode.  (The first picture is one Rob took of tink'r-pod in Levi's mirror.)

That's about it for today.  Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear more about this year's ERU.  

Until next time, stay safe out there.....-Pod and all the gang!

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