Monday, April 23, 2012

Odds and Ends.......

We just realized we haven't posted anything in a week.  The first week back from Spring Break is always busy for us.  We have a lot going on at school and a lot going on at home too.  Here's a few of the things which have filled our busy week for us.

First we came home to see our beautiful new roof which had just been installed.

Bob had to order the siding for the rear and side (other side) gable ends.  They should be back to install our new siding this coming week.  That will be one more project we can check off.  YIPEE!

Rob got busy in the yard the first of the week, and reworked all of the outside planters.  He added new soil, composted cow manure, and of course new plants.  Here's just a few pictures of what was planted.  In the first shot you can see two new rosebushes to be planted tomorrow afternoon.

Then on Saturday morning, Rob hooked up the utility trailer and went to pick up 0.98 tons (1960 lbs) of white rock to make two pathways.  He also spread the last few bales of pine needles on the bed which had the roofing trailer parked in it two weeks ago.

The last two little projects did actually involve the r-pod.  First, we went to Belks and bought new sheets and a bedspread for the pod.

Finally, we all worked (well Trisha and Jackson watched) as Rob took out the screws in the awning track, counter bore the holes, then installed wood screws which fit much more flush in the awning track. This has been a mod the pod has been badly in need of, but Rob never could think about fixing it until we went camping.  Here is an example of one of the new screws.  It fits much more flush than the screws which were installed at the factory.

We're not sure what we will get into this week, but one thing we will be doing, is getting ready for the Blue Ridge Rally next weekend.  So check back again for another post.  Until then, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.

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