Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday at Edisto.....

Happy Monday from Edisto Beach State Park.  We've had a wonderful lazy Monday here at Edisto.   I've read, Trisha has napped, and taken Jackson to the beach.  In general we've done a whole lot of nothing!!

Here are just a couple of pictures for you!

Trisha surfing the web and not the waves.  HAHA!

Jackson helping me pump gas.

The view directly behind our campsite.  The beach campground here is just that, on the beach.  With a marsh on the other side.  We are less than 100 feet from the ocean! 

This is where we ate dinner tonight.  Trisha got Shrimp and Grits (she's talked about it since last August) and I got a Shrimp and Flounder combo.  Both were great!

Tomorrow night's dinner is going to be some freshly boiled shrimp from our campsite, with cornbread muffins, and potato salad!  Yum!

That's all for today, check back tomorrow for another update.  Until then, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.


  1. Yumm-O! We'll be having shrimp and flounder with cornbread muffins tomorrow night too!! Have fun! Sharon

  2. I hope the shrimp aren't actually FROM your campsite!


    1. Nope, one of the Park Rangers told me where to get local caught shrimp, so we will be doing a shrimp boil for dinner. R