Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back to School after Spring Break....

Well Monday has reared it's ugly head once again and it's back to work for Trisha and myself.  ONLY 39 more school days left until Summer Break, but we're not counting.  Nope, we're not counting.  We hope everyone had a great weekend  We did come back home to find a beautiful new roof installed.  Our roofer had to order the siding for the gable ends but when he gets this project all done, we'll post a few pictures for everyone to see.  In the meantime, we've gotten R&T's pod all ready for the next adventure.  This is the Blue Ridge Rally in the mountains of North Carolina.  Be sure to check it out in our "Upcoming Trips" page.   This rally is hosted by my cousins Sharon (of Splash T@B fame) and Becky (not sure what Becky is famous for except maybe her pound cakes, beautiful yard, and baby-blue VW Beetle).  

Anyways, here are a few Edisto pictures to look at and enjoy.  

 Our campsite.
 Jackson telling me not to take his picture again!
Rocky Raccoon visiting us our first afternoon there.  He was less than ten feet from our camper.  After we sent him on his way, we would hear the screams from the other campsites as he went visiting.
 The Beach!
Look at all these signs in ONE picture!

These next few pictures are especially for my brother......

Have a great week, and check back later for our next post as we prepare for the BBR.  Until then, stay safe out there.....-R,T,&J.

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