Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sway Control Install, Part III ........

Saturday here in North Carolina was a beautiful day to be outside, even if it was on the chilly side in the early morning.  I got lots of stuff done in the yard, like rebuilding a fence my neighbor backed into back in the winter, trimming some bushes up next to the house, picking up a blue-billion sticks, blowing up leaves with the leaf blower, and finally some quality pod time.  

So I finished the sway control install.  I had already installed the plate on to the pod's hitch frame where the sway control connects to.  There was just one small problem.  The junk self-tapping bolts that came with the sway control are JUNK.  Out of six bolts, two stripped out, two didn't tighten completely, and two might have been acceptable.  So it was off to my local hardware store to buy Grade 5 bolts, washers, and lock-nuts.  Here's a picture I took to compare the Grade 5 bolts to the self-tapping bolts.

Here's a picture I took with all six Grade 5 bolts installed.

Here's a picture I took of everything all hitched-up just to check out alignments and such.

Everything came together nicely.  I even "road tested" the set up.  I didn't tell a big difference, but I could tell a difference.  I have to admit, I didn't test drive the set up but for a few miles but I do think the addition of sway control has been worth the time, expense, and effort.

I did run into another unrelated problem during this install, and I will tell you all about it and my resolution in my next post.  So check back later this week.  Also a quick check of the weather looks like we will have a nice weekend for our first trip of the season this coming weekend.  Click on the upcoming trips tab to read all about it.

Finally, I did all this outside stuff even though the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament is happening this weekend.  There was only one game I was interested in, so I would slip inside the pod to watch a few minutes of it.  My Wolfpack just couldn't hold off the Tarheels, but oh well, there's next year!  

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Until next time, stay safe out there....-R,T,&J.

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